Sep 22, 2012

Saturday Surprise SHINE give-away....

Happy Saturday, SHINE! As always, no required reading for the weekends. Use this time to catch up if you are behind, but mostly enJOY this gorgeous weekend with your loves!

I usually don't post on Saturdays, but I have a HUGE desire to bless someone!

Here's the thing: My wedding anniversary is coming up on September 26th--this Wednesday. (yippee!)

This day is my FAVORITE day of the year. It is a reminder of God's Promises and His Love for me. He blessed me with a man that completely and perfectly fit this odd shaped puzzle piece. (me!)

So, in honor of our big day, I want to bless someone with a SHINE shirt! If you already have a shirt, you can bless someone else with one, OR you can choose a shirt in brown--our newest SHINE shirt color.  Your choice.

I am overflowing with gratitude for ALL of you. Without you, SHINE would not be possible. Seriously. It would be no fun doing this by myself. God had fulfilled this burning desire in my heart to have a bible study with all of my friends, all together. Seriously, only HE could make this happen. Blown away.

With that said, I want to honor you. I want to bless you. Will you let me? :)

Tell me something YOU love. Tell me what makes your heart beat out of your chest wall.

I cannot wait to hear!

The drawing will be held on our anniversary day. So, get your comments in! If you cannot post a comment, as always, email me at and  I will post for you. :-)

Thank you for letting me love on and celebrate YOU!

a heart overflowing,


Here's a pic of what the shirts look like in black.
They come in all sizes as you can see! :-)
Our rehearsal dinner
September 25th 1998
(yes, we were only 12)
"Better is one day in your courts, than a thousand elsewhere"
Psalm 84:10


  1. Anonymous9/22/2012

    I LOVE Fall weather!!!!!

  2. childhood sweetheart since before I was 16...and my hubby for 43 years!! My bff in all the world!! Happy Anniversary, dear Jill. <3 much!!

  3. I love that God led me to this web site, because I love it!

  4. Anonymous9/22/2012

    Mine & my hubby's Anniversary is Sept 26th too!! How crazy is that?! I literally plan for this day all year! Between this and's neck & neck. I hope you have a lovely anniversary Jill!
    Sabrina Swann

  5. I am new to SHINE , a friend sent me a link and I have been so blessed by this site !!! Thank you for all you are doing !!

  6. I LOVE snuggling with my 15 month little guy in the mornings while we watch cartoons! AND the fact that my anniversary is the day before yours!! :)

    1. happy anniversary, amanda! i hope it was FABULOUS!!! <3

  7. I love when I take a leap of faith to trust God with something I wouldn't ordinarily do. He shows me His plan and comes through BIG time. It just leaves me with this goofy grin on my face. I LOVE that.

  8. Anonymous9/22/2012


    I love that no matter how bad my day has been my kids always love me the most right before bed. I love the way I get chill bumps down my left leg when I’m praying my heart out to God and I feel that he is lifting me. I love, love, love my golden retriever. I love old people. I love that God has given me the gift of grace for those that have disappointed me.
    I love that I have Christian friends that remind me that it’s about “keeping the faith”. I love my profession and how God uses me daily to help others. I love my family- even the crazy ones. I love Krispy Kreme donuts especially when the hot sign is on. I love my church and feel completely at peace when I’m there. I love Saturday mornings and wearing my PJ’s as long as possible. I love chilling on the couch with my family and a movie. I love running. I love marking things off of my “to do” list. I love 80’s music. I love Friday Night Mexican. I love my friends who really know where my heart is. Did I say I love my two boys? I love the hymnal “ Amazing Grace”. Lake, ocean or river- I love being on the water. Mostly, I love knowing that I’m a child of God who loves me way more than I could ever love any of these things.

  9. Anonymous9/22/2012

    Jill, I love Shinegirls and looking in on the lives of women, young and old, who love God and the Lord Jesus and are not ashamed of it. I love seeing the "God Stories" that are shared to bless all who read it. I love the witness of the Holy Spirit moving in "Shine" lives. Your dream of a Bible Study with all of your friends is our dream now as well. Loving you, Gloria

  10. I love swirling leaves!

  11. Shelly9/22/2012

    I absolutely LOVE when my 8 year old son sings along to songs of praise to our God while were driving in the car.It brings tears to my eyes and a joy that I can literally feel in my heart:) Happy anniversary to you and your husband, Jill!

  12. My pups! My dogs have blessed me with total compassion and love during the saddest days of my life--loss of my dad and chronic illness--my sickest days! Anybody with dogs knows what I thank you, Teddy and Katy xo!

  13. Anonymous9/22/2012


    What makes my heart jump out of my chest is when Chad gets home at the end of the day - Ian and I greet him at the door and have a little family hug - we call it an "Ian Oreo" - it's just the best - Ian will just start to giggle, be still my heart - there is no better feeling than having my arms around my two loves!

    Happy Anniversary!
    Love - Kel

  14. Anonymous9/22/2012

    Being a single girl in my 30s, most of my closest friends are married and have kids. I've gotten used to spending time loving on all these kiddos as I'm spending time with these friends...going to peewee baseball games, going to 3 yr old birthday parties in the park, having stickers and coloring books in my desk, and being that lady at church that always has superhero or princess stickers in her Bible. So what I LOVE is how much those kiddos love on me like a family member and can always cheer me up when I'm needing it most. God has given me so many people in my life to fill my single heart and remind me constantly that I am loved and wanted.


  15. Anonymous9/22/2012

    Happy Anniversary Jill!!! Y'all make a beautiful couple. I LOVE being with my man in Athens, holding his hand and walking into Sanford Stadium, and watching my Dawgs run out of the tunnel! Love, Sarah

  16. Anonymous9/23/2012

    What I love most is giving to others:-) It's not always something of great value, it could just be a card, a smile, a hug, a text....anything that brings joy to someone else & makes them feel loved. If I can brighten their day even for a second, that's my true passion! That's what I love! In a world full of ppl who tear down & take, my ultimate desire is to build up & pour in to the lives of others:-)

    1. Please give me your sweet name so that I can enter you in the contest. :) what a wonderful lady you are!

  17. Mary Wyatt9/23/2012

    Good Morning Shine Families,

    As I start my day with being a part of a very special and wonderful group.
    I love to read every post from everyones heart.:-) this is what makes my entire day so special, not to mention it also help myself to realize we are all ONE! I try to help everyone each day and sometimes i also put them before myself. But as all of my friend and family say, ( HOW DO YOU DO EVERYTHING AND HOW ARE YOU SO STRONG? )I just smile and say this is what I DO with the help from the good Lord". And all of my friend and families help! People like YOU help People like ME! This is how I get through every day. It is a previlige to help and love other like you and people I do not even know. We are all in ONE place,and this is how and what makes me so Strong. My Faith ,Love and Hope give's me the Strenght to ssssurvive each and every DAY!

  18. Anonymous9/23/2012

    I LOVE my children! They fill me with such happiness and fullness and make my life so complete. My cup runneth over!-- Kathryn Muraoka

  19. Anonymous9/23/2012

    I LOVE looking at life through the eyes of my children! They have such an amazing perspective on things. As adults, I think we sometimes don't stop and take time to enjoy or appreciate the little things. My children do this and they are teaching me to do the same. I LOVE this! I LOVE them!! ~Stephanie Keener

  20. Anonymous9/23/2012

    I wanted to say how much I Love our Lord for blessing me with 3 beautiful children and a wonderful husband. Thank you.

    Also Thank u so much for the website . I Love it also. It has helped me grow in my faith so much. You are a true blessing from our Lord above also. And I am glad to know u even if it is only through a website.

    MeLissa Allen

  21. Anonymous9/23/2012

    The thing I love more than anything else is seeing my daughters worship! Knowing they are communing with our Heavenly Father - there's NOTHING like it.

    Holli Carroll

  22. Anonymous9/23/2012

    I love Troy, my dear sweet husband of 25 years! God truly blessed me with a wonderful man.

  23. Anonymous9/24/2012

    I love starting my day by reading this blog and getting in the right mindset to tackle my day! Putting on my armour! :)Sarah

  24. Molli Brown9/24/2012

    I love God and My Babies <3

  25. Happy anniversary to one of the most beautiful couples ever! Yall are just precious! Love u Jill!

    My sweet JESUS~amazing hubby~& my two angels God blessed us with---these three together are perfect love & peace & makes my heart grow three sizes!!! SO blessed!

  26. Anonymous9/24/2012

    I love that my husband is such a strong Godly man who just doesn't talk the talk, but walks the walk. I love the evenings when he leads our little family in nightly devotionals and prays over us. I love that God chose me to be the mom to my sweet, precious babies. I love that split second when I see my son smile while watching me. I love hearing my sweet girl telling me what a great mom she thinks I am that she wants to be a mom just like me. I love the deep belly laughs of my children when their daddy is tickling them. I just love this crazy life that God gave me. N. Wilson

  27. Anonymous9/25/2012

    I love that Jesus is always there. Even when I "mess up", He finds a way to show me His presence and grace. I am so unworthy, but oh how He loves me so!

  28. Anonymous9/26/2012

    I love what God is doing in the heart of my college student!! Awesome blessings!
    Tori Johnson

  29. Anonymous9/26/2012

    I love the LORD, he is my world.

  30. Anonymous9/26/2012

    I love My Lord, he is always there for me not matter what the situation is. I praise him everyday.

    Jo Evans

  31. patricia ashmore9/26/2012

    Happy Anniversary! I love the husband God blessed me with 42 years ago and each of my 5 wonderful children and oh my goodness do I love my 15 (soon to be 16) grandbabies.

  32. Anonymous9/26/2012

    Unfortunately, I can't limit it to just one... Aside from the obvious answers - God, Jesus, Alan, my kids, my family, my friends, there are too many to name. But since you asked I will give you my top two, three, four or five - for at least today. : )

    1 - Family dinners that end in laughter because my oldest two are "acting the fool". (There was actually a brotherly hug involved - melted my heart.)

    2 - Taylor excited about Biology - 103 on a test and a 95 on a lab!

    3 - Blessing a friend with a coffee from McDonald's - her favorite.

    4 - Reading Scripture for the upteenth time and finally seeing it for the first time.

    5 - The changing colors of leaves

    Have a glorious day!

  33. Anonymous9/26/2012

    Hey Jill,

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    now--I absolutely LOVE summer, but right now I am loving the seasons changing!

    Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you soon :)

    Miss you :(


  34. Anonymous9/27/2012

    Kelley W.9/26/2012
    I am new to SHINE and I am loving it! I can hardly wait to get up in the morning and see what the Lord has in store for us to learn in our daily readings you have chosen. Thank you Jill for answering the call to start this website/blog! God is doing a mighty work!


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