Sep 7, 2012

Friday SHINE....

Today's Reading: 1 Corinthians 3

Happy Fun Friday, SHINE girls! Are we glad it's Friday, or what?!

I sure hope everyone is able to follow along with the reading plan. It's really, really good. I could go on and on about what it's teaching me, but I will give your little eyes a rest today. ;)

How about we end this week with a SHINE girls give-away?

Sounds good to me too!

Your Fun Friday Challenge:

Tell me something GOOD! Anything, just tell me some good news!! Shout it out and share it with your SHINE sisters!

Leave  your comments under this post. If you are not able to post a comment, email it to me at

Our very own SHINE sister, Melissa Martin,  has donated this AWESOME prize! It's something every girl likes...that's all I will say! :)

Happy Fun Friday, sweet girls! I hope your weekend is the BEST!

"Rejoice in the Lord always; 
again I say, Rejoice!"
Philippians 4:4

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