Aug 14, 2012

Tuesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Acts 20

Good morning, SHINE girls! I hope your week is starting off well!

My heart is in prayer for all of you as we journey through another week in God's Word together. You are so precious. Every ounce of you.

Last night I was lying next to my little Presley in my bed. We were saying our prayers and she said she wanted to say a prayer for her Papa Danny who is having heart surgery this morning.

Without hesitation, she started praying Psalm 91. The whole thing. I am not kidding.

With tears rolling down my cheeks, I told her how awesome it was that she had memorized God's word. I was in complete awe because I don't even have those memorized. Not even close.

Kids are so close to God, y'all. They hear Him so clearly. It just astonishes me.

My mentor and one of my very best friends, Lisa Inlow, will be posting today. Be blessed by her wisdom, girls. You may even want to read it twice. (Or three times, like myself.)

Tuesday SHINE
by: Lisa Inlow

Life is full of relationships.  Husbands, children, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, friends, co-workers...a bunch of imperfect people interacting on a daily basis.

Misunderstandings happen.  Distance happens.  Full out arguments happen.  Frustration, confusion, annoyance, hurt.

In these times we focus on the person or circumstance.  We play the sequence of events over and over in our heads.  We analyze what they said, did, did not say, or did not do.  We feel the sting, pain or disappointment.  It's very real.

A lot of times we can talk to the other person and get it worked out.  Apologies are said, hugs administered.  Relief.  Moving on.  Shew.

Other times, it is not this way.

This person is still in on our lives, they are not going anywhere.  We live with them, work with them, go to church with them, or have a lunch date on the calendar.  With them.

So now what.

Here is what I've started doing, and believe me, it is not easy.  A lot of times I fail because I'm too mad, hurt or just plain over it!  But the feelings, or most importantly, person, does not go away.  They are in my life, maybe on the outskirts, but they are there.

"Lord what are you trying to show me here?"

"What are You wanting to teach me through this?"

"Father I am going to see ______ in a few minutes.  I want to see them as You do  Please walk with me, I am hurting (or over it, annoyed, mad...)."

A lot of times He wants me to forgive them.  This is a hard one because it takes a huge ol dose of humility.  Boo.

But with forgiveness comes calm, ease and peace.  I don't forget what's happened, but I am able to move on, get un-stuck. (not a word, but whatever, ha!)  And I don't get a knot in my stomach, turn the other way, or cancel my lunch date.  With them.

Now I want to say here, that I know so many folks have years of hurt and disappointment.  I am so sorry.  Please look to your Savior, He can help you in your place.  Being close with Him, His warmth, His safety, does not remove your circumstances, but it will and can, make it bearable.  And you can get to a place of rest, even amongst your difficulties.  You should also find a godly friend you can pray with.

I write this because I have wasted so much precious time pointing my finger at the other person.  Or waiting on them to make it right, change, apologize, realize, the list goes on.  And in all that time, who stays in their [arms crossed, tapping foot, raised eyebrows] place.  Yep, me.  Just me.

A lot of times too, we are innocent.  We've had the wind knocked out of us by someone who was wrong.

But we still, have to look up at Him.  He is drawing us closer to Him.  He is molding and shaping our character.

So will y'all join me?  Let's stop ourselves dead in our analyzing tracks...."whoa hold up here...okay Lord, what are You trying to show me, teach me?"

Then listen as He talks.  Watch for His direction.  Then move forward.

Dear Father we give you our troubles, heartache, disappointment or just full-out annoyance.  We are going to stop looking around, instead, look You.  Teach us Lord, so in turn, we can draw others to You.  We love you, and thank you, for loving us.  Your SHINE girls.

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