Aug 7, 2012

Tuesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Acts 15

Happy Tuesday, SHINE girls! Are you just loving Acts, or what?

Man, I love that Paul. He is one dude on fire for the Lord. He will stop at NOTHING to tell others about Jesus. Seriously. Even death itself doesn't scare this guy.

Every time I read another chapter, I think to myself, "Would I have been this on fire and this BOLD if I were alive back in those days? Would I have been brave enough to speak of a man that had just died (Jesus) and then tell strangers that He was the Son of God?"

Can you imagine  the trials and persecution these guys faced? It's hard to even wrap our little brains around the thought.

Only the Holy Spirit living inside these men could give them that kind of power and strength.

Do you want to know the BEST news?  We have the same Holy Spirit living inside of US! Yes! We sure do!

What are you facing today that you think the Lord cannot handle, sweet girls?

  • a financial mess
  • a marriage that is crumbling, or already turned to crumbs
  • children that break your heart
  • not being able to have children
  • a friend that has hurt you
  • a family member that breaks your heart
  • depression
  • alcohol addiction
  • drug addiction
  • pills addiction
  • anxiety
  • regrets that grip you daily
  • worry
  • health problems
  • bitterness that has eaten you alive
  • un-forgiveness that seeps through your pores
Girls, you can rise above whatever it is. You can, and you will.

Look at Paul, look where he came from. He turned his life around, trusted the Lord and his life is being talked about hundreds of years later. Paul is known for his faith. His strength. His boldness.

What makes you and I different than Paul? Nothing. (except for gender, obviously.) :)

Get up. Pull yourself up by those pretty little boot straps, and call on the One and Only God living inside of that beating heart of yours. He is ready for battle, sweet girl. He's been ready. 

Are you?

Go and fight, darling.  The battle is already won. You just have to show up with Your Man. 

cheering you on,


"In your hands are strength and power to exalt and give strength to all. 
Now, our God, we give you thanks, and praise your glorious name."
1 Chronicles 29:12-13


  1. Love that our Man is JESUS!!! Was just with a dear friend...a little sunk in a pit due to a decision she made...sure it was right...but feeling the victim none the less...and the words the LORD had me speak were the same and for any here...including me. You know, it may be the right may be a terrible mistake...but whichever and whatever has been done is the past...I mean even seconds ago...and God is I AM...not I was...or I will be. Do we get this? Regardless of the pit we're matter what we did or didn't do...or said or didn't say...we simply do what you just said, Jill sweetie! We get up...we dust ourselves what we did bigger than our God...NO!!! Was it a surprise to Him?? NO!! Does He know His creation inside out!!! And, yet, He will not let us remain babies...crying and laying on our bed...and picking us up and bringing us we are no longer we turn from childish things...I love it that this is for all chldren no matter the age...then, He will glorify Himself in us. Where we were weakest...He will make us strongest in that area!!! It's just His way!!! Thanks JILL!!! Go Shinegirls...up and attem...throwing off all that keeps us from the goal...the finished race!!! Woo Hoo!!!! :) <3

  2. Anonymous8/07/2012

    Thank you, Jill. You may have named them all or most of the problems we face each day. Praise God that our Abba Father, Daddy God, can meet our needs no matter what. Jesus is so precious and He understands and feels our pain. How wonderful is the sweet Holy Spirit who comforts and encourages us and enables us to go thru each and every trial and experience. God within us the hope of glory, our precious Emmanuel. With Him we can face each and every day. I needed your message today. Bless you, Gloria


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