Aug 30, 2012

Thursday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Micah 4

Happy Serve Day Thursday, sweet SHINE girls! Go and serve someone today! Buy them a cup of coffee, a diet coke, a sweet tea...anything! Just serve someone in your path. Maybe it's just helping a friend, being an ear for someone who needs you to listen. Pray that the Lord will put someone in your life today to serve. He will!

As we serve others today, I realize that a heart that serves can only come out of a heart full of thankfulness.

What's the one thing that dries up a servant's heart? Bitterness and unthankfulness.

How does this happen? When did our little hearts become so bent on being bitter and not budging?

It's been my experience that if I am not proactive in creating a thankful heart, sure enough, bitterness will set in.

What happens when we get a bitter heart, or lose our gratitude? It spills out to all around you. It's true.

It's like a bad cold that keeps spreading germs. Unless you take some meds to clear it up, it just gets worse and worse.

Have you ever been around a bitter person?

You know---the person that you have to get prayed-up before you can talk to or hang around?

Do you notice that they suck the life right out of you? They criticize, they point fingers, they complain, they feel sorry for themselves. You feel like you need a shower after hanging out with them because of all the bitterness and ingratitude spewing out all over the place.

Can you relate?

My friend Melissa went to the doctor yesterday because she was suffering from a really bad cold. They offered her the choice of a weeks worth of antibiotics or a cortisone shot.

Yep, you got it...she took the shot. Can you blame her?

I met her for lunch soon after. The longer we sat, the better she felt. The medicine was getting into her blood stream and it was healing her body.

By the end of our lunch she was all smiles and ready to conquer the world!

I giggled as I got back to my car. I imagined that shot being the Word of God. Potent, powerful, and fast-acting!

If bitterness has taken root in your heart, sweet girls-- here's the good news: The Lord will quickly pull that root up.  You just have to go to Him to let Him do it. 

Just like my friend Melissa going to the doctor, we must go to the Great Physician for our healing.

A heart that has grown bitter only needs an ounce of thankfulness. Oh, how that thankfulness will take root if you let it! Spreading all that goodness around.

Whatever is going on in that sweet little life of yours, try gratitude. Try praising Him for what you DO have. You will be amazed at how quickly your perspective changes. The thankfulness will  overflow to those around you. The critical eye and bitter heart will have no place in your life anymore.

Girls, let's don't let bitterness suck the Joy and goodness out of our lives. Let's look at ourselves instead of looking at others (to blame and criticize), and get a shot of thankfulness!

"See to it that no one falls short of the grace of God and that no bitter root grows up to cause trouble and defile many."
Hebrews 12:15

getting my shot,


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