Aug 27, 2012

Reading Plan for the Week of 8/27-8/31....

Reading Plan for the week of 8/27-8/31....

Monday 8/27: Micah 1
Tuesday 8/28: Micah 2
Wednesday 8/29: Micah 3
Thursday 8/30: Micah 4
Friday 8/31: Micah 5


As we begin a new chapter in Your Word, we ask that You cleanse our hearts to be able to receive the Gift of Your Holy Word.

Forgive us of our sins, Father. If we are holding a grudge, or if we have an unforgiving heart, please show us, and help us to let it go.

Our hearts cannot receive what You have for us if we are holding onto sin in any way. We want fruit in our lives, Lord. Fruit that comes from being planted deep into the cool, nourishing soil of Your Word. Through obedience and a cleansed heart, we are able to grow the most beautiful and sweet fruit. 

Let our lives reflect Your fruit, Holy Father. As we dig deep into Your Word, let our roots spread and grow stronger day by day.

Be with us this week. Protect us. Shine Your light on us, Lord, so that all may see Your Presence dwelling inside of us. Let our faces shine with Your Love glowing from the inside out!

In Jesus name we pray,



  1. Anonymous8/27/2012

    What a beautiful prayer Jill, thank you! :) Love, Sarah

  2. As we start a new week I pray that the Lord make us vigilant and our soil receptive to what He has for us. May we be quick to hear with our spiritual ears to receive guidance and direction from our Father as to the paths we need to choose. May He be lifted up and glorified in all that we do. When we fail, give us a repentant heart, as Jill has prayed, that we will admit and ask forgiveness. Thank you Lord that you cleanse us of all unrighteousness for your name sake and that by the blood of Jesus on the cross we have clean slates for you to write on. When we are clean, the soil of our hearts can receive new fresh seed for you, Lord, to change us from glory to glory. Help us to see the need, as you see Lord, in our brothers and sisters. Help us to respond by the fruit of your Spirit as you direct us that all people would know we belong to you and that they would be drawn to the Christ in us that is the hope of glory. Establish your witness in us, Father, that ground for your kingdom would be gained. We glorify and praise you Lord Jesus and look to you. Amen


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