Aug 13, 2012

Monday SHINE.....

Reading Plan for week of 8/13-8/17:

  • Monday 8/13: Acts 19
  • Tuesday 8/14: Acts 20
  • Wednesday 8/15: Acts 21
  • Thursday 8/16: Acts 22
  • Friday 8/17: Acts 23

Good morning, SHINE! How are the sweetest girls in the world doing this morning? Are you ready for a week of digging deep into His Word?

Me too!

Big news to start the week....SHINE shirts are ready for purchasing! I've got mine and I LOVE it!

(You can click on the button to the right of this page for more information on how to purchase one.) 

Last night I celebrated two of my very favorite people, who just so happen to be twins, Mary and Rebekah.

We went to a restaurant that we frequently visit when we have a birthday girl in the group. I put on my new purple shirt, my favorite-but-a little-too-tight jeans, and my favorite nude 4 inch heels. (yes, 4 inches.)

My little Presley went with me to have dinner with all of our friends. It was the best! Laughing, reminiscing, eating, celebrating, laughing some more. You know, just fun girl time.

When it was time to leave, I hugged my gorgeous twin friends and all of the other beautiful girls that filled the long rectangular table. 

Presley and I hopped into the car and decided to hit Publix since it was literally a stone throw from this restaurant. **Note to reader: If I am within a 10 mile radius of Publix....I will be going there. End of story.

As soon as I got out of the car to walk into Publix, I knew it was a mistake. My feet were already swelling in these oh-so-cute, but oh-so-painful shoes. 

I decided to tough it out. I mean, we are talking about Publix. You just cannot NOT go in and get some stuff. I was committed.

45 minutes (yes, 45) of grocery shopping later, my feet were on fire. It was time to go.

The cashier rang me up, and bagged our items. It was time to pay. My wallet was nowhere in sight.

Oh shoot.

My eyes were just about to spill over with tears, but I held it back. I apologized to the little lady and told her I would have to go and find my wallet, which must have fell out of my purse in the car.

The ONLY thing I could think of was: If I have to walk another INCH in these shoes, I just may die. Right here, right now. Die.

Presley and I walked (more like staggered) back to the car.  Thankfully, the wallet was in the seat. Shew.

I was so close to hopping back in the car and heading the 30 mile trek home. Without the groceries. My feet were toast. Burnt toast at that. 

Presley was dead-set on going back and getting the groceries--which consisted of many of her favorite items. So, we did. (much to my chagrin)

We finally paid, left, unloaded the groceries into the car, and headed home.

Do I have to even say that my shoes were the first thing to come off of me when we entered the vehicle?

I threw my shoes off, unbuttoned my pants (due to being stuffed from dinner), and drove that car straight home.

As I drove down I-20, I thought about how uncomfortable this world is. I thought about how I long to snuggle up with the Lord and forget about this prickly world. A world, that just like those nude shoes, feels too tight and just not right most of the time.


As we begin this week, I ask that you be with us. Protect us. Comfort us. 

Help us to throw off the things that are not fitting for us. The things that keep us from conforming to Your Image, Father. Help us to crave Purity and Excellence. Let the things of this world be foreign to us, as we get closer and closer to You.

We were not meant to conform to this world. We were meant to conform to You, Father. 

Make our paths straight, Lord.

 Lead us to Your perfect will in all that we do.

In Jesus name, 


Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, 
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. 
Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is
--his good, pleasing and perfect will.
Romans 12:2

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