Jul 18, 2012

Wednesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Acts 1

Hot Dog! We are moving on to Acts! I am doing the Worship Wednesday happy dance over here!

Nothing against Ecclesiastes, but A) it was hard to follow at times and B) it was a pain to keep spelling out on the blog every day! :)

ACTS! Here we come!

A little about Acts: Research shows that is was probably written by Luke, the Phsysician. Also, research shows that it was written around AD 63 or even later.

I am not a "research-y" girl, but I thought it was important for you to know who wrote it and when it was written. It's just good to know these things. :)

In the first chapter today, it describes Jesus' triumphant return from death on the cross and His teaching on Earth during those 40 days back on Earth.

Did you catch that? 40 days? Sound familiar?

40 days is very significant, girls. Hence, our 40 day Prayer Challenge.

I have to admit, Jesus may as well have titled this first chapter of Acts, "To Jill Hill. Read this.Yes, you."

Several things speak to me.

 First, in V. 3 it says that "He gave them many convincing proofs that He was alive..." 

I would have been the one that said, "Hmmm, not really sure if it's you, Jesus. Can you show me a few more miracles, just so I can be sure?"

How many times does the Lord have to show me the same signs over and over before I say, "Okay!  Got it! I believe You!"

Secondly, the disciples were told in V. 4-5 "not to leave Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit comes upon you." (I am paraphrasing here)

Hello? Don't you think they were beating down the door to get to telling the world about Jesus being back from the dead? They were filled with awe and wonder and joy, and yet Jesus told them to hold off until He told them it was time to leave.

Oh my gosh. My impatient little heart just skipped a beat or three! The Lord has to tell me all of the time to WAIT. He has plans in the making, and He needs every piece to be in place before I burst through the door.

Are you following me?

The disciples then asked Him when we would restore the kingdom to Israel. Boy, they were on FIRE and ready for the Lord to deliver on the Promises they knew were coming!

Jesus then told them, "It is not for you to know the times or dates the Father has set by his own authority. But you will receive power, when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria and to the ends of the Earth."

Oh, girls! Hold me back! I just jumped out of my chair!!

Don't you know the disciples felt the same way?

They were READY!!

There was just one thing though. They had to wait for God's timing. They had to wait to receive the Holy Spirit so that they could be filled with God's power to reach the ends of the Earth.

So, this brings me back to the old "pushing through" thing. Girls, God has this all worked out for you. You just have to wait, be patient, and push through with your faithfulness.

The pushing brings the Power.

Yes, we have the Holy Spirit. However, we also have to listen to Him. Listen for His nudge. Listen for His voice of Truth. Listen for His timing.

Imagine a pregnancy. The entire 9 months the baby is growing and growing and growing. After about 5 or 6 months, the momma who is carrying that baby is READY to deliver. Time is molasses when you are pregnant.

You just want to see the end result. The baby.

However, what happens if the baby comes too early? The life of this child is in danger. The body is not formed completely and it has not had time to fully develop.

This is what happens when we don't push through to the end with our faith. When we give up too soon, or jump ahead of His plan, we are in danger of receiving a premature outcome. An outcome that is not fully developed will not bear fruit.

We must be patient, girls. Every detail of His plan for us takes time. It is so intricate that we cannot even begin to imagine the incredible fine details.

What are you pushing through, friend?

  • Your marriage?
  • Your job?
  • Problems with a friend?
  • Problems with your children?
  • Your faith?
  • An unfair situation?
  • Jealousy?
  • Pride?
  • Anger?
  • Bitterness?
  • Depression?
  • Loneliness?
  • Your shaky financial situation?

Lean in close and look into my blue/green eyes (or imagine you are) and let me tell you with 100% assurance, that He is Faithful. He will deliver on His Promises. The best is yet to come, my friend.

There will be days when you are tired. You are worn out. You are ready to throw in the towel. You are ready to give up.


Keep pushing. Keep praying. Keep reading His Word.

He will not fail you.

pushing through to His promises,


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