Jul 23, 2012

Tuesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Acts 5

Happy Tuesday, SHINE girls! How are you doing with your 40 Day Prayer Challenge? We are on Day 30!! Can you believe it?

Are you hanging in here with me? Are you seeing some changes going on in that little heart of yours? 

Girls, prayer doesn't just change the things around us, it changes US. It melts away the "me" and replaces it with the "HIM"!

That's the good stuff, girls. Keep praying. Keep changing. 

Today, my beloved friend, Lisa, is posting. 

Be blessed by her wisdom, friends.

Stewardship, 1st grade style

My son has a lot of Lego's.  A lot.

When one of them comes apart, for whatever reason, he does not put it back together, instead puts it in his room, tossing the lose pieces in the "Lego bin", then proceeds to grab another Lego...plays on.

Result?  A room full of un-playable (not a word) Lego's piled on shelves.

Enter mom.

Boiling point.

This is what I see.  Irresponsibility.  Yes, he's not even 7.  But here's my point.

Like most things, if I don't teach him how to take responsibility for the little things, Lego's, who will?

Of course with maturity I would hope would come some pride in his things, but do I sit back and wait until he's 12 or 15 to start talking about this?

I believe stewardship, taking care of what our sweet Father has blessed us with, and in a boy's world, Lego's, is extremely important.

I mean, hello, Lego's aren't cheap.  Well, his first ones were 3 years ago, but uh, they are not now.

When I see them disheveled on shelves I see dollar signs.  I see countless opportunities of teaching...responsibility, stewardship, the blessing of having so much, respecting Daddy's hard work to provide such fun toys, etc etc etc.

I'm sure some who are reading could be thinking that I'm taking this all a little too seriously, and you may be right.  But I'm okay with that.

I know in the long run this can only benefit my son.

We will spend the majority of our day in his room.  He is annoyed at me, you can be sure.  But as we sit on his floor and I teach/explain stewardship and responsibility, I see a young man, not a boy.

Like my relationship with my heavenly Father when he sees a mess in my room.  I know as he teaches me why it's not working, that He's doing it out of pure love for me.

Motherhood is hard.  But I do embrace this role and for whatever reason am able to see past today.

Before long he will be grown...this is my time to teach.

3 days later....

Since we spent 1/2 the day in his room, he and Jenna have played, basically non-stop with the Lego's.

In my mind, that was the Lord confirming that I was on the right track as I tend to analyze and question myself after I've taken a hard stance on something in mothering.  Especially when it can seem very anal...to be honest.

But as I stood in Max's bedroom doorway this morning watching them play, I again, knew I was on the right track.

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