Jul 30, 2012

Reading Plan for the Week of 7/30--8/3....

Reading Plan for the Week of 7/30-8/3:

  • Monday 7/30: Acts 9
  • Tuesday 7/31: Acts 10
  • Wednesday 8/1: Acts 11
  • Thursday 8/2: Acts 12
  • Friday 8/3: Acts 13

Thank you for another week to serve You. How truly blessed we are to wake up to a new day.

Yesterday is behind us, thank goodness. Today is a new day. A new day to forgive, to love, to honor, to submit, to reconcile, to obey.

We humbly bow down before Your Throne and ask that you protect us and keep us safe from the enemy. We belong to You, Lord. We are washed in the Blood of the Lamb of Christ.

Anoint us with Your Grace, Your Favor, and Your Protection. 

Give us wisdom, Father. Your Word says that if we ask, we shall receive. 

Lord, we are asking. Make our paths clear. Show us the way. We humbly follow You. 

Where You go, we go. Where You stay, we stay.

In Jesus name we pray,


"But I thank God, who always leads us in victory because of Christ. 
Wherever we go, God uses us to make clear what it means to know Christ.
 It's like a fragrance that fills the air."
2 Corinthians 2:14


  1. Anonymous7/30/2012

    I love starting off our week with prayer. I can feel the prayers wash over me every week! Happy Monday shine girls!


  2. Anonymous7/30/2012

    Yes, thank you.

  3. I just love the book of Acts. It's God showing us how He unfolded His power one day, one circumstance at a time. We can see how there is power in agreement with the Holy Spirit falling when they were all in 'one accord' and how if God needs your attention, He knows how to get it (Saul). How great that we live in a nation where we are free to learn and to worship Him to soak up all that He has for us and more. We are limited only by ourselves. My son posted this on his facebook. 'But immediately Jesus spoke to them, saying, “Be of good cheer! It is I; do not be afraid.” Matt 14:27. Even during the times when you take your eyes off Jesus, He never takes His eyes off you. And when you cry out to Him, He will immediately stretch out His hand to catch hold of you. You will not go under. There may be times that you are not able to find your way back. Jesus will then hold your hand and walk you back to the boat. And like Peter, you will realize that with your hand in His, the storm will come to a standstill! Dave H. ~GSM'
    Oh my! Doncha just want to get out and walk on water NOW!? No fear, He is with us. Step out in faith and trust Him, keep your eyes on Jesus. In our flesh when we fail, just cry out to Him, 'COME GET ME', you will NOT go under. He is there. Continue on SHINE girls and KNOW the Lord will never leave or forsake us. I love you all. Have a great day!

  4. Anonymous7/30/2012

    It is amazing to think how I would never start my week off in prayer, it never crossed my mind. Now, I cant imagine not starting my week and days off in prayer. It changes my whole day!!!!! Thank you for this website, and for all of the encouragement. It is changing lives.....especially mine. Thank you Jesus for YOUR power and glory!!!!!

    -> a changed heart :o)


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