Jul 22, 2012

Prayer Requests and Praises for the Week of 7/22-7/28.....

I had a breakthrough yesterday. A “Saul” breakthrough. For those of you that have been with us since the beginning, you know that Jill encouraged us to pray for the “Sauls” of our lives way back in February. Those people who your heart had closed down to because it hurt too much. 

For me, that person in my life who I had almost completely given up hope on until we read 1 Samuel and I understood that David loved and respected everything God ordained. Even a King who was evil and unjust... Even my Saul who was so, so wrong.

My Saul looked surprisingly different to me yesterday, sounded different, responded so differently. IT WAS CRAZY! I WAS BLOWN AWAY.

Even for a prayer that is 10 years old, even for a prayer that I was pretty sure God wasn’t listening to anymore---those prayers matter, they matter to HIM. But, can we be faithful?

I had a moment of clarity during this Revelation with my Saul. A moment where I looked down at the ground and thought, this is my Saul and my Saul doesn’t sound like my Saul has always sounded before. Almost in disbelief, I am praying today for my Saul. With a new found zeal that only comes with a burst of a break though. :o)

Please post your prayer needs below. We are honored to pray for you and with you. Even for those old, crusty prayers that you and I had almost given up hope that He was listening. He IS! Also, you may always click on the prayer request button on the right of your screen to access this page throughout the week.

God bless you, girls! I love you!


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