Jul 2, 2012

Monday SHINE....

Good morning, SHINE girls!

Happy Day 8 of our 40 day prayer challenge! How is it going for you?

Did you stick with it through the weekend?

Well, if not, it's okay! Today is a new day and this week is a brand new week! It is never too late to start fresh with the Lord!

Isn't that the best news?

Well, as of this morning, I do not have our reading plan for this week. We ended with Lamentations on Friday, and we will begin a new book of the Bible this week. 

We follow my church reading plan, and they haven't posted it on their website yet. So, as we wait patiently for our new reading line-up, I want you to read Psalm 2 today.

I love Psalms! It is  a great way to start your Monday.

As soon as I get the new plan, I will post for all of you. Promise. :)

In the meantime, let's continue on in our prayer challenge.

Got it?

Okay, good.


Thank you for this new week. It is so awesome to be able to walk in the newness of today and forget what lies behind.

Teach us to live in each moment and to stay in constant conversation with you throughout the day. Discipline us in our prayer life, Lord. Mold our hearts to Your form, Father.

We ask for Your protection and your guidance this week. Order and direct our steps in every area of our lives. 

Let us not grow weary in praying, Lord, but grow stronger. 

Let Your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Thank you, Father.

In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

Keep praying, girls!

stay tuned for the reading plan,


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