Jul 27, 2012

Friday SHINE.....

Today's Reading: Acts 8

Happy Fun Friday, SHINE girls! How has your week been?

I wish I could look you all in the eyes and get your answers. Seriously, I do. My heart longs to hear your stories, all of them.

Aren't we glad we serve a God that hears all of our stories? That listens to every detail of our lives and cherishes every word?

What a friend we have in Jesus. Truly.

I want to be a friend like Jesus. I really do. I want to listen to others, have compassion, share in their joy and in their tears. I love me some good stories. Sitting beside a close friend and hearing about their lives makes my heart burst!

Do you have a friend that listens to you? Like, really listens to you? Isn't it the best? They don't interject their opinion, or their take, they just listen. Oh, what a treasure this kind of friend is!

I am so grateful to have several friends like this. I hang up the phone, or leave the conversation feeling refreshed and loved.

Jesus is the ultimate friend, though. He is the example for all of us to follow. He is always there. Always listening.

Today's Friday Challenge is:

Take the time to be a friend today. Listen to someone. Really listen to them. Look them in the eyes and hear their story.

We love others the most sometimes when we hear them. Really hear them. We don't have to have all the answers, they just may need a listening ear.

When I am upset and go to Lem, sometimes I tell him, "Don't say a word. Just LISTEN. If I need an answer, I will tell you!"


Let's be listeners today. Tuning ourselves out, and tuning others in.

"Finally, all of you, live in harmony with one another;
 be sympathetic, 
love as brothers, 
be compassionate and humble...."
  1 Peter 3:8

tuning in, 


*Notice the new design on our blog? A big HUGE thank you to Erin Sanchez @ Erin Lauray Studios. She is FABULOUS to work with! I love her creativity!
**Also, SHINE t-shirts are coming soon! They are not ready to order yet, still working on shipping details. I will post a picture of these awesome shirts soon!


  1. Anonymous7/27/2012

    I want a SHIRT! What color are they? Can I order one today?

    Jessica <3

  2. Anonymous7/27/2012


    AND the challenge for today! Thank you! (;

  3. Anonymous7/27/2012

    What a wonderful reminder to us. We all want to tell our story and while we are listening to others, we are reminded of something we want to share, too. Our thoughts may or may not relate to their story, but sometimes we don't wait and end up interrupting our friends. I have a friend who sometimes tells me thank you for listening because when she is interrupted, she usually will never get to be "heard". Dear Lord, help us to be listening as well as caring friends. Bless you, Gloria

  4. Good morning Shine Girls! Please pray for the safety of my son Cody Palmer and the other boys at the Youth home that are leaving this morning to ride a bike from Vidalia, GA to Jacksonville, Fl. Today goal is to ride 145 miles today. This is alot!!! and the heat is unbearable..They are riding to bring awareness to the communties and they will each be speaking and sharing ther testimony as they ride through different towns. They are wanting to raise over $100k for the youth home and I know they can and will do it. The purpose of the ride is "bring awareness and making parent a verb"; there are so many parents that don't get involved in their childrens lives, so they have know idea what their going through, what their thinking, how are they feeling, and the pre-pressure that is out there. If you want to stay in touch and see live footage; go to payh.org click on bike ride for 2012. Please keep all of them in your prayers! everyone have a bless weekend! love you!


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