Jul 20, 2012

Friday SHINE winner......

Want a little good news this Friday afternoon?

We have our SHINE weekday give-away WINNER!

Our SHINE girl cake carrier that rocks the house down, goes to......

Women Who Pray!

Otherwise known as Teddi Holt!

Teddi just so happens to be one of our SHINE prayer intercessors! Girls, this lady can pray the roof off your house! For real!

A BIG HUGE thank you to our SHINE girl donor!
(She wishes to remain anonymous...
but if you want to know how you can order one of these
awesome cake carriers, I will spill the beans. ;)
Shhhh, don't tell her!)

We will have a new SHINE girl give-away soon!

In the meantime, keep SHINE-ing bright! I can see your glow all the way from my little country drive-way! 

Teddi, email me and we will arrange getting this cake carrier to your table!

Happy Weekend, SHINE sistas!

grace & peace,


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