Jul 13, 2012

Friday SHINE give-away....

Remember our "Tell me something good" challenge?

Well, guess what?

I am about to tell YOU something good, again!

We have an AWESOME SHINE girl weekday give-away!


I love this gift SO much, that I do not want to give it away! However, since I LOVE you girls so much...I will!

Our donor asked to remain anonymous, but I will just say that she is an incredibly talented and sweet girl! We are so blessed to have her SHINE with us!

Here is the prize....

A personalized SHINE Girls Cake Carrier!!

This is the back!
Do we love this scripture, or what??!!

The winner will be the talk of the party with this cake carrier! It doesn't even matter what the cake will taste like, everyone will be wanting to know all about the SHINE cake carrier!

Okay, here's how you win:

Tell me your favorite sweet treat!!

Ready, set...GO!

(as always, email me if you are not able to post. shinegirlsshine@gmail.com--and I will post it for you!)

"How sweet your words taste to me; 
they are sweeter than honey." 
Psalm 119:103

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