Jun 27, 2012

Wednesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Lamentations 3

Happy Worship Wednesday, SHINE girls! Wow, what a perfect way to start day 3 of our prayer challenge...worshiping the Lord! 

Girls, I have to tell you that these last few days have contained some intense conversation between the Lord and me. Like, really intense.

It's been so cool being keenly aware of His presence throughout my day.  Isn't He just the greatest?

So, today, my friend Lisa is posting. She sent me an email soon after she ready Monday's SHINE post. I read it and knew that I had to share what she had to say. 

I couldn't keep all that goodness to myself, I like to share good stuff with my friends! Especially my SHINE friends!

Be blessed, SHINE. 

by: Lisa Inlow

I am in Sarasota FL this week so my kiddos can get some major love-overload from my in-laws, their grandparents.  Guess who else is in South FL?  Yep, tropical storm Debby.  I am over all her "warnings" and "watches" late into the night!  Doesn't she know I need some sleep?!

We are staying at my husband's Aunt and Uncle's lovely home while they are away out West.  I was looking at their books and came across "My Utmost for His Highest" by Oswald Chambers.  So I opened to today's reading, June 21st.  Wait, what?  Today is June 26th.  Guess the Father wanted me to read June 21st.  (I have absolutely no explanation on why my brain is 5 days behind.  Can we blame aforementioned, Debby?!)

In "today's" reading about prayer, yep, prayer, there's this: 

Pray on the realization that you are only perfect in Christ Jesus, not on this plea - "O Lord, I have done my best, please hear me."

"Only perfect in Christ Jesus".  Can we stop there?

Honestly this took me off guard.  Then I stopped and read it again.  Again.  And, again.

That statement has nothing to do with me.  It's Him.  And me, wrapped all up, in His perfection.

Let's put that statement with prayer.

I was emailing with Jill and sharing my heart on how I pray.  And how often.

All day long.

I will admit that for too many years, I would really all-out pray, when I had been sweet to Scott, read my Bible, without missing a day, for however long I felt was "good" or "enough" (whatever that means).

Being perfect in Christ Jesus, and opening up to Him, all day long.

He wants to hear from you...all day long.  What's on your mind?

I shared this with Jill, and she ask that I share it with all of you.

I picture Jesus propped up on my counter when I am preparing a snack or meal, loading the dishwasher or wiping the counters.

I picture Him in my passenger seat.  It's so real to me, that I often put my hand on that seat.  I feel Him there.

I picture Him sitting in my comfy chair with His feet on my ottoman in my master bedroom while I fold the laundry that is spread out on my bed.

In the early morning before my peeps wake up and I am reading SHINE or the Proverb or Psalms of the day, I know He is sitting right next to me.

In all these situations I talk to Him.  Whatever pops in my head.

I talk to Him about the type of mate I desire for Max.  I know that boy really well, so I chat with Him about it.

I talk to Him about my social, oh-so-beautiful daughter and her college years.  What I desire those to look like.

I talk to Him about my husband.  Things that I desire for him personally, then for us as a couple.

I also tell my Heavenly Father how much He means to me.  I acknowledge and thank Him for the things He has rescued me from.  My mind goes back to times and places in my timeline where I had my toes on the edge, but He brought me back.  Oh man, I did not have the maturity to see it then, but holy Toledo, do I see it now!  So often I bawl my eyes out at what could have been.  Thank You Jesus for your protection.

Friends who are going through difficulty in their lives.  Relationships that I desire to be stronger and better.  My son's first grade teacher.  My daughter's transition from home to pre-school.  My husband's relationships at his work.  Along with his protection, I know the enemy wants to get him.

Back to Oswald Chamber's statement:  Pray on the realization that you are only perfect in Christ Jesus, not on this plea - "O Lord, I have done my best, please hear me."
When I only felt comfortable pouring out my heart to my Savior when I had "done my best", well I obviously didn't pray very often.

When I am my "best" or "perfect" enough is kind of hard to pinpoint or nail down because I am extremely, extremely, flawed.

And let's talk about this verse: I Thessalonians 5:17  Never stop praying.

I take that literally.

I think were we get hung up is we view prayer a certain way, and anything outside of that, is not prayer.

For me, praying is talking, conversing...

I feel compelled to type out that verse, one more time...

I Thessalonians 5:17  Never stop praying.

Start talking to Jesus.  He's with you anyway...start talking and never stop.

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