Jun 19, 2012

Tuesday SHINE...

Today's Reading: 2 Peter 2

Happy Tuesday, SHINE girls! 

This next post is very close to my heart. Lisa and I had a very long conversation about this just yesterday.

God puts many "good" things into our lives, however, we must listen very closely to His voice to choose the "best" thing for our families.

I know I can get caught up with wanting to be a good friend, minister to others, change the world, etc, etc. However, when all of that comes before taking care of my little sheep under my roof, well then..."Houston, we have a problem." :)

God has a divine order. We must, as women, stick with this order. Or, well quite frankly, all heck breaks loose. Peace is lost, and we are wondering what in the world just happened.

Be blessed, my friends.

Can You See My Ribs?
by Lisa Inlow

Can we talk about being spread thin?  Who hasn't had days, weeks or months where we are barely keeping our head above water.  I know during these times, I am not at my best, and most times, do not have easy peace at home.

I had a day this week where I had 2 commitments, fun, good stuff.  Then I found out about an opportunity through our church, for my oldest - bowling!!  Now, I could have managed all 3 things, but by the time my husband got home from work, we'd all be so tired, so grumpy...this is so not a good situation for him to come home too.

Would I want to come home?

So I cancelled the first 2 commitments, they were my commitments that my children would have attended, with me.  But the bowling?  Not a question.  My heart and focus is on my hubby and kiddos.  My boy needs and wants to attend bowling...Summer time fun, just for him!  With a happy momma taking him, not a spread-so-thin-you-can-see-my-ribs, momma. (And a tired little sister).

I will be honest and say, one of the commitments was with a woman I am helping out with a few things.  This would have been a good meeting.  We pray together, talk about marriage, talk about His plan for us as wives.  So this was not an easy decision...

I had a conversation with my mom the other day over big plates of Jason's Deli's salad bar goodness, she was asking me about my days, what they look like.  She reminded me, "Lisa, when you get to heaven, the Lord is going ask you, 'how well did you love and care for Scott, Max, and Jenna...' "  She went on further explaining that I show my Heavenly Father how much I love Him, but how well I help and love those who are under my care.

Boy oh boy, does that make me look at my calendar a little more closely.

Obviously I do not believe having a jam-packed calendar as a sin.  I don't think having a Summer full of fun-loving activities is wrong.

But I will challenge you as I challenge myself.

Are your peeps under your roof happy and content.  When y'all are together as a family, is it easy and peaceful.  Or is everyone spread thin, exhausted and grumpy.

Which does bring up another point we as women are notorious for...ready...over-committing so we don't "disappoint" someone else.  Oh my goodness, we women say yes to EVERYTHING!  Even when we know it's way, way too much.  And so many things we are committed to are good, good things.

But when I am not enjoying my commitments or in the car on my way wish I were at home, that's when I slam on the brakes and scale back - PRONTO.

Because when I am wishing I was home, or I know my family wants me home, I know that's the Lord telling me, "Lisa, get home where you belong".

Or what about this scene.   I will be in the car with my kids heading out and this conversation unfolds, "Mommy where are we going?", "grabbing ChickFilA then heading to the park", "who is going with us?", "no one, it's just us", "oh yippee".  This is a true story.

I then think back to the days or weeks prior, and we did not have much down time, much chillin'...just us.

One more thought (the Lord keeps bringing them to me, He must want me to share).  Whenever one of my children seems needy or wants to crawl under my skin, I, again, think back to how I've been spending my time...on my laptop, texting or chatting on my phone a lot, out on play-dates or pools all the while chatting with the other mom.  These are all good things, but I know with my 2 kiddos, they need time with me...just me, snuggling on the couch or in my bed watching PBS Kids, playtime with just me.

Most times now, when I am asked to attend or be part of something, I will tell the person that I will get back to them.  This little window of time allows me to check in with Scott on his week, look at what I've got scheduled for the kids, then make my decision.

Regarding asking Scott about his week:  Genesis 2:18 Then the LORD God said, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper who is just right for him."
(emphasis added)

Or, what about when your social life is rockin & rollin' and your hubs want you to stay home and watch, yet another, Braves game?  Matthew 5:9  “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

Where do you think the Father wants you to be......

Again, I do not think business vs low-key-ness is a right or wrong.

But I know when the Spirit pricks my heart, or my kids are tired and unhappy, or more importantly, when their daddy is not thrilled w/ my go-go-go calendar....I must take inventory and make some changes.

So join me SHINE sisters, in stepping back, looking at the people under our roofs, then, looking at our calendars and agendas....have a chat with our Savior, "Lord is this too much, do I need to scale back..."

Breath. Aaah!!  :-)

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