Jun 21, 2012

Thursday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Jude

Happy Serve-Day Thursday, my SHINE friends! Today, we serve!

Find an opportunity to serve someone in some way. Small little acts of service go a long way. Think about how it makes you feel when someone does a little small something for you. Feels pretty good, doesn't it?

So, today we begin the book of Jude. Good stuff in these 25 little verses, girls. Good stuff.

2 Peter was rather short, wasn't it? Jam-packed with goodness though!

Oh, and how about Rebekah breaking Peter down for us yesterday!? Awesome.

Did you find that you could relate to little ol' Peter?


Peter had a lot of flaws. Oh, girls, I can relate to some flaws! Peter had a heart that loved Jesus and  a heart that was hopelessly devoted. Yet, Peter still continued to screw up. Big time!

I love that Jesus knew all the dumb and careless things that Peter would do...yet still used Peter in a big way!

Hello? Is anyone hearing that?

(Maybe I am just the screwed up one here?)

Whatever the case, it sure made me feel good!

Jesus can use me!

Even despite my reckless, careless, on-again, off-again behavior? Even despite my temperamental, hormonal, wishy-washy self?


Let me say it again, just to get the point across to your pretty little ears:

.Jesus can use me! Jesus can use YOU!

(Breathing a big sigh of relief over here, girls. Did you just feel my morning breath knock you over?)

Girls, I think what Jesus is trying to tell us through the life of Peter is:

  • He knows we have some issues. (too many to count)
  • He knows we have some junk in our trunk. (and my junk trunk is big!)
  • He knows we will mess up. Over and over. (guilty)
  • He knows that we are not perfect. And never, ever will be.  (do i even need to say guilty? rather obvious.)
  • He knows that we will spend so much time on our knees asking for forgiveness from our mess-ups that we will have permanent carpet burns. (raising my hand in confession)
  • He knows that we will jump way ahead of Him before He calls us to jump. (this is always me!)
  • He knows that we will be the first bold one to jump ship and walk on water to Him....and then get side-tracked by the storm. Matthew 14:28-31 (red-faced and guilty of this one too)

Girls, I think my middle name is Peter. For real. I do.

Jill Peter Hill. Yep, that sounds about right.

I get him! I understand this dude! I will totally look for him in heaven and give him a high-five! Oh yes I will!

But, guess what?

Despite that big messy list of ugliness, He still loves us!

Here's some stuff that Jesus knows:

  • He knows our hearts!
  • He knows that we are passionate in our love for Him! 
  • He knows what we are capable of doing for His Kingdom!
  • He knows that the plans He has for us will over-ride all of our fleshly little flaws! (say that real fast 5 times) :-)

How does that make your pretty little self feel?

You should feel incredibly special! Because, you are!

Oh, yes! YOU are!

Now quit being so hard on yourself and just keep on pressing on in His word!

He is growing you (and me) daily!

He is preparing us, girls. Just like He prepared Peter to spread the gospel and set the world on fire for Jesus...He wants to do the same for us too!

Jesus is not looking for perfect! Jesus is looking for prepared.

How do we get prepared?

Stay in His Word.


I love you, my SHINE girls!

perfectly flawed,


"Therefore since we have such a hope, we are very bold!" 2 Corinthians 3:12


  1. Thanks really needed your blatant reminder (yet again) this morning!

  2. Thank you Jill Peter Hill! (: Bless God for boldness, for its not us but Him that can use us when we abandon ourselves and sell out to Him. It's Peter that announced the gift of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2: 38-39... And sends that promise of God straight down the path to us!

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  5. What's up? Terri Abbott LOL!! I get it...and again...I get it...
    :D! <3

    1. HAHAHA. My cell phone that I uploaded from kicked that trick in? I dunno!!! Musta been an important message for somebody! What's going on?

  6. I could tattoo this post on my forehead, I need it so bad. Love this, Jilly, thank you!


  7. Anonymous6/21/2012

    I really needed this today. It came at a real good time for me in my walk. I am so far from perfect and it messes up my thoughts sometimes because I get focused on how God cannot use me. But now I know that he can!!Thank you a whole bunch! (:


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