Jun 14, 2012

Thursday SHINE.....

Today's Reading: Job 41

Happy Serve-Day Thursday!

Remember, today serve others around you. Be mindful of others in need today. Even the very smallest service, can make a HUGE impact! The Lord sees it all, sweet friends.

YOU are making a difference in HIS Kingdom!

I want to thank my friends who posted this week about their sweet Daddy's. It is not easy to come up with a lifetime worth of memories in a small blog post! Thank you for your inspiring words and heart-felt memories. We were all touched by your stories.

Today, I want to share a few things about my Daddy.

Growing up, my Daddy was the biggest, strongest, smartest man that I had ever seen. He still is today, as a matter of fact. (sorry, Lem!) :-)

If you know my Daddy, you KNOW how funny he is. Good grief. You would think growing up being surrounded by witty people, some of it would have rubbed off on me. Nope. I'm silly, but far from witty.

My Daddy had the blackest hair. It is now a beautiful silver color, but when I was a little girl, it was jet black. When my son was born, he had my Dad's black hair. I was thrilled! My sister and I both were blonde, so to have a son with black hair was so cool! (It soon (inevitably) turned blonde)

The memories of my Dad are many. A few of my favorites are going fishing with him. He would wake me up before the sun rose, and we set off for the lake. He would let me help him get the boat in the water. I was always so nervous, but I LOVED helping him. We would then fish and eat crackers and drink Coke all day on the lake.

 A perfect day.

(until one day when we were fishing i fell and came back home to Momma with 14 stitches around my eye! another story for another day.) :-)

One of the most admirable things about my Daddy is that he quit his very stable job to begin his own business when he was in his early thirties. This was a HUGE leap of faith. He sought the Lord, and decided that this is what the Lord was calling him to do.

It was crazy at the time, because my Daddy had a good, steady job. However, he was told to do some unethical things at his job, and he did not have any peace about staying with this company. He knew it was not pleasing to the Lord.

My Mother had to work full time as he was beginning his new business. They both sacrificed so much for my Daddy's dream to own his own business. As a little girl, I did not realize any of this. As an adult, it is crystal clear.

Another precious memory that stays with me is how he would pray with us in our room on his knees. It was so powerful.

My Daddy loved vacation time with his family. One memory that is seared in my head is of him carrying me into the ocean kicking and screaming when I was about 3. I was petrified of the water! My Daddy came and threw me over his big, broad shoulders and took me to the water. I was one angry and feisty little girl.

However, after a few minutes, I loved the water. He knew I would. My Daddy always knew what was best.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this. These memories come flooding back, and it makes me long for those days of being his little girl.

Actually, I still am his little girl. My life is just different being a wife and a mother of my own two children.

My Presley is sitting next to me as I type and reading this as I write. She loves my Daddy with all of her heart. She jumps in his lap every time she sees him. It makes my heart melt. There is nobody like her "Paw Paw."

My son, Joseph, is just like my Daddy. He is smart, broad-shouldered, and witty as can be....just like my Daddy.

As I write this, I am feeling a ping of guilt for not seeing him as often these days. He doesn't live far, but my life is so full with my own family. It's no excuse. I need to go and see him more. Period.

I cannot imagine life without my Daddy. When the phone rings late at night, my very first thought is: "Oh no, it's my Daddy! Something has happened to him!"

It never is, thankfully. It is just always my first thought.

I guess that just shows how much I love him. He exemplifies God's character in many ways. He is truthful, and forthright. He puts others before himself. He sacrifices everything for his loved ones. Daily.

He still works very hard. My prayer is that he would retire soon. Very soon.

My Daddy still works hard because he feels it is his duty to provide for his family. All of us. He always has all of us in mind. I know he still sees us as his responsibility.  He lets my Momma take us all on vacation as he stays behind and works. He really does.

Truly, he loves us.

My prayer every day is that God will protect him and keep him well. (and that he can finally retire!)

He is not perfect by far, but he sure is perfect in loving my children and me.

Dad, I am sure Mom will forward this to you, so......

Thank you, Daddy, for the example that you have set for my children. I believe that I chose Lem because he is a lot like you. He is funny, witty, full of integrity and has a character of gold, just like YOU.

1 Chronicles 29:17:
"I know, my God, that you test the heart and are pleased with integrity"

Thank you, sweet SHINE girls for hearing my heart today. As I go and grab a Kleenex, I am praying for all of you. I don't know you all by name, or your situations. However, I do know that God has a purpose and a plan for you. Whatever you are facing, have faced, and will face...HE is with you. Trust Him. Sit in His lap, and let Him soothe your sorrows. He is longing to love on you, my friend. He is your Heavenly Father.

always my Daddy's girl,


My Daddy 1967

Momma and Daddy's Wedding Day

My little piece of heaven and family of four.
My wedding day--
Daddy saying something funny to calm my nerves.
Daddy, Presley and Me

Daddy and Me
One of my favorite pictures.
 Joseph and Presley fighting over who gets to sit in Paw Paw's lap!

Daddy and his girls.
(with the coconut cake i make him every year for his birthday!)

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