Jun 24, 2012

Reading Plan for the Week of 6/25-6/29....

Reading Plan for the Week of 6/25-6/29:

  • Monday 6/25: Lamentations 1
  • Tuesday 6/26: Lamentations 2
  • Wednesday 6/27: Lamentations 3
  • Thursday 6/28:  Lamentations 4
  • Friday 6/29: Lamentations 5

We are beginning a new chapter, girls! Lamentations will be our focus this week. By Friday, we will be finished with the book of Lamentations! Can you even believe our progress? Wow.


  1. In anticipation of reading this book...hope I can bear it...I've often identified with Jeremiah, the "weeping prophet"...who wrote Lamentations...

  2. Anonymous6/24/2012

    I'm lovin the pictures you are posting. The candle next to the Bible is so full of peace and serenity! Just wanted to tell you! Love, Sarah

  3. I'm back to speak about Lamentations. I have so often identified with Jeremiah. It begins with him saying I'm too young, LORD...not me...I can't prophesy to Your nation...that's Aunt Teddi's understanding here...for when He called me to teach the younger women...from Titus...I was in my late 20's...with Him saying to me...Don't say your are too young. I AM with you!

    I walked soon after that time with the most wonderful woman...a black woman named Barbara...and she is my Mama in the Spirit. She was so tough! She walked in deliverance ministry...and my hair stood on end when she prayed. She was so decisive...like my husband...and my Mama...always reminding me not to let that sanguine temperament of mine that loved everybody and wanted everybody to love me...get in the way. It caused me regret more than once.

    Learning about Jeremiah...after studying Isaiah...or Samuel...or Ezekiel...I could see Jeremiah prophesied what the LORD said...he told it like it was and is...but he wept!!

    Hear that girls? When we have to stand and be strong in the LORD...though none go with us we will follow...when we have to speak and we wish we could mind our own business like others...and we know before we do that we will be standing alone...Jeremiah shows us it's ok to weep.

    He wept as he prophesied to a wicked and depraved nation. He told God no one was listening...that they weren't changing. He wept! Like Jesus over Jerusalem....

    And then there's Lamentations. I knew that Jeremiah wept all the way up to the bondage that Israel came under...but I never saw that Lamentations is what he did during the bondage.

    Jeremiah is a model to us. Like Job, Jeremiah cried out for Israel, but he praised God...never changing his stand with God through the tribulation.

    That's what we are to do. Whether we face trouble now...or soon in our future...as an individual...or family...or as a nation...We have seen 2 models.

    Job said, "Though He slay me, I'll still love Him!" Jeremiah says, "God is good all the time!" (my words as I summarize).

    Love you girls!!

    Aunt Teddi


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