Jun 29, 2012

Friday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Lamentations 5

Happy Fun Friday, SHINE girls! 

Also, happy 5th day of our 40 day prayer challenge! I'm so proud of you girls! 

Oh my goodness, let me just dive right into the deep end of the pool.

I am utterly amazed at the Lord. Last night, I tossed and turned, and tossed and turned, just thinking of what He is doing in the lives of those around me.

Girls, can I just say that this intentional praying is literally melting the ugly fat right off of this little heart of mine?

Truly, it is. 

When we pray, God's desires and His will become ours. The build up of flesh (or fat, as I like to call it), slowly dissolves when the bright Light of His desires and His purposes shines through from intimate prayer with Him!

Can you picture it? I imagine, my hands held high reaching the Heavens as I pray. Then, I imagine, the Lord touching my fingertips and sending His Power and His will into my life! It radiates straight to my heart and burns off all of the "Jill" desires! It really does!

Now, imagine what happens when ALL of us raise our hands to Him in prayer, seeking Him day after day, hour after hour

Girls, ELECTRICAL STORM! Seriously, that is some mega-watt POWER!

Friends, the beauty of prayer is that it brings God's will to Earth. 

"your kingdom come,your will be done, 
on earth as it is in heaven."
matthew 6:10

Not only does it bring His will to Earth, but it opens our eyes to what HE sees.

Oh, girls, does it open our eyes.

If we were all together in a big room, I could tell you of some stories just this week of some opening of the eyes. 

When we have His eyes, we are able to have HIS perspective. HIS compassion. HIS mercy. HIS forgiveness. 

As my eyes brim over with tears as I type, I urge you to press on in this 40 day prayer journey. He is doing a mighty work in our hearts girls. Mighty.

Oh, and don't think it stops right there. Just like when a bolt of lightening strikes, it affects those on the ground around it. 

God's Power does that through YOU, when you pray. Others will be affected, for the GOOD! No, not just the good, but for the BEST. God's best.

My Friday challenge to you today:

Keep praying. Imagine Jesus with you wherever you go today. (because He really is!) 

As you pray, I want you to find a friend and speak out loud a prayer that you would like to see answered. A request that is near and dear to your heart. 

Yes, speak it out loud.

Friends, there is power in the spoken word. There is power when our faith meets the air that we breathe and we speak it into life. It takes boldness and courage to tell a friend something on your heart that only the Lord Himself could provide.

Remember that the more we pray, His desires become our desires.
Just this week, I asked my friends to pray for something very specific. Very, very specific. It was a huge request, because it just seemed impossible.

Guess what? Yesterday, it was answered. Oh, yes. In a HUGE way.  I will save this story for another day. (but, if you call me, i will be glad to tell you all about it!!) ;)

Girls, that is only due to the power that comes when we speak these prayers that come from the depths of our weary little hearts. Speak them out loud, my friends.

Remember how God created the world?

He spoke all things into being. 

 "And God said, “Let there be light,” 
and there was light." 
Genesis 1:3

Yes, He spoke them.

Let's follow His lead. 

Lord, give us the boldness today to speak what is on our hearts. We have so many requests and so many desires. Help us to filter out Your desires from our desires. We crave Your will alone, Lord. 

Give us the strength and the courage to speak our request with Hope and anticipation to a friend or family member. We want to be strong in YOU! We are not weak, but we are strong because of YOUR great Power and YOUR great Love for us!

Humbly, we serve You. Humbly, we bow our heads to You. We seek You, and You alone, Father.

Open our eyes to what You see. Mold our hearts, Lord. You are the Potter, we are the clay.

In Jesus Name, Amen.

praying and speaking,


**girls, drawing will be held this afternoon for our weekday give-away! if you haven't entered.....go! we will have THREE winners! yes, three! 

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