May 1, 2012

Tuesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Job 9

Happy Tuesday, SHINE!

Before I begin, let me pray that the words I want to convey to you will be led by the Holy Spirit.

Lord, let me only speak Truth to these precious women. I take this very, very seriously. Nothing that comes out of my mouth will do any good if it is not anointed by You, Lord. I give you my fingers to type and my heart to mold as I type. I pray these women will receive only the Holy Spirit-breathed words into their precious hearts.

In Jesus name.

My friend Melissa told me yesterday that since she joined SHINE in February, she prays for me before she reads each post. I was blown away! She did not even KNOW me then, but she prayed for me and the message that she would receive.

Melissa, you touched my heart yesterday. You really did. Thank you.

Girls, I want to talk to you about Victory. God has been pounding this word in my little heart for the last month.

There are some very specific things that He wants me to trust Him with so that I can have complete Victory. Let me be honest, it scares me to let go of these things.

Just a few months ago, I told a group of people that my struggles were just something that I would have to deal with until I go to Heaven. Yes, these words came out of my mouth. I am ashamed at how wrong of a statement that was.

I look back and think: "No wonder I can't get Victory, I have worn these struggles like a heavy coat, not believing that it could ever be taken off."

I was wrong. Dead wrong.

I told my friend Lisa yesterday that I knew that God had given me complete and total Victory over a certain area, but I was having a hard time changing my habits. 

The Victory part is simple, girls. Jesus is ready to give it to you, if He hasn't already. It is the habit-changing part that trips us up.

Imagine this: Say you have a broken leg. What if Jesus Himself came to you, put His hand on your leg and said, "You are healed, sweet child."

Amazing, right? Okay, now what if after He healed you, you went and grabbed your crutches to walk.

Why would you need your crutches, friend? You are HEALED. You are RESTORED. You have VICTORY, right?

Why do we (I) insist on walking with crutches when we are restored and healed by the Master Physician?

Are you following me?

God has given you the Victory, sweet sister. You just have to put down your crutches and walk.

Oh, the Victory that we have in Jesus! It's breath taking.

Just yesterday, I was making up my child's bed. This child has a small issue with bed wetting. It has been a struggle for a while.

As I was making up the bed, I noticed that the sheets were clean! No wet sheets! Miracle!

I heard Jesus say to me loud and clear: "Your child can have Victory over this. Pray for it, Jill. You are this child's Momma. Pray for Victory."

Oh, girls! Victory over bed wetting? Are you kidding me??

Absolutely not! Why not bed wetting? Why would I ask for Victory over the HUGE battles and not the small ones?

Lem called shortly after and I told him what the Lord had shared with me. He was kind of silent for a minute, and then he said, "alrighty then. guess it's worth a shot."

Ha! Worth a shot? You better believe it's worth a shot!

Victory, girls! That's what we have when we confess Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

What do you need Victory over today?

  • guilt
  • bitterness
  • anxiety
  • fear
  • rejection
  • loneliness
  • depression
  • eating disorders
  • anger
  • laziness
  • selfishness
  • a rebellious heart
  • a critical spirit
Go to Him now! Give it over to Him and wear your new Victory sash and crown! You are Queen Victory and Jesus is your King!

Receive it and change your old habits. You are restored. You don't need your crutches, sweet girl. You just need to get your little legs used to walking in Victory.

Lord, we plead for Victory in our lives. We want the abundant, full life that you have offered us! We receive Your Victory and we thank you for it.

Let us change our habits and put down our crutches. We can WALK! No, we can RUN! 

There is never a request too small or too big for us to get Victory over. 

Thank you for opening our eyes to the Truth.  In Jesus' name we humbly pray. Amen.

no more crutches,


"But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ."
 1Corinthians 15:57

p.s... SHINE weekday drawing will be this week...go to the SHINE weekday give away post and enter if you haven't already! 

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