May 10, 2012

Thursday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Job 16

Happy Thursday, SHINE!

So, hasn't this week been fun? Don't you just love hearing these stories about devoted, faithful, wonderful Mothers?

Me too.

This next story is dear to my heart. 

I asked my sister to post about our Mother. I have written several times on this blog about her, but I wanted my sister to have a chance to gush about her too.

Words cannot describe her role in our life, but Angela does a really good job.

Happy Mother's Day, Momma! 

"My Momma"
by: Angela Crowe

What a huge subject!  Where does a daughter even begin?  As far back as I can remember, I guess.  This brings back memories of the most beautiful, energetic, laughing, fun, and the most loving momma.  

From as early as I can remember, my sister and I have been the center of my momma's universe!  She was a tireless momma when we were younger. She made sure that we were quite well rounded.  We tapped, took ballet, twirled batons, took piano, judo, softball, basketball, modeling, acting lessons, beauty pageants, cheerleading...I'm sure I am forgetting something. 

 All this while she was working full time and it seems like my dad was always working late so it was all on her to get us to where we had to be.  I have so many, many fond memories of her coaching me in basketball and in softball.  And some hilarious memories of the commercials she helped us make up for an acting class we took and some "skits" we did for a little show Jill and I were cast in called "Tickled Pink". 

My momma believes in me.  Sees the best in me.  Always, always has. She loves me unconditionally and I have never doubted that for a minute.  She thinks I am wonderful.  She has confidence in me. She thinks there is nothing I cannot accomplish if I set my mind to it.  I have never her eyes. She never fails to encourage me.  She is constantly building me up and increasing my self esteem. I feel so beautiful when I am in her presence.  She still sees me as her innocent little baby girl who made her a momma 40 years ago.  Is it any wonder that being around her makes me feel so safe, so special, so secure?

My momma is amazing!  God has given her so many talents.  She is so very gifted musically.  She can play the piano and guitar by ear and has never taken lessons.  She sings beautifully and her ear for harmony blows my mind.  She is the best basketball player ever!  The highest scorer in her high school, playing Varsity all 4 years.  Even asked to go pro after high school but chose to marry my daddy instead. And an incredible softball player. 

Not only did she coach me...I helped her coach Jill's team, and then later she and I played together!  Oh the sweet memories of those all weekend, all night long, church softball tournaments!  And I truly believe that her cooking was a gift from God as well.  I promise you can hand her 5 random items out of your pantry or fridge and she will turn it into a fine cooked meal!  Blows my mind!  Those people on the cooking channels have nothing on my momma in the kitchen!

My momma has become one of my very best friends.  I can confide in her.  I can shop till we drop with her. I can laugh until we cry with her.  And I can cry my eyes out and find comfort in those sweet soft arms.  Have I mentioned how much I still love being held in her embrace?

 Her familiar sweet smell and those soft hands...It is magical...just ask my kids :)

My momma is a teacher.  She has taught me more than she could ever know.  She taught me selflessness.  She taught me how to laugh at myself.  She taught me how to love without conditions.  She taught me about forgiveness.  She has taught me how to be a momma.  She taught me to look at the glass half full.  She taught me generosity. She has taught me to put others before myself.  She has taught me to listen.  She taught me about thoughtfulness. 

Most importantly, by her example, she taught me to love, to trust, to praise, to adore, and to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  She instilled in me when I was old enough to listen the importance of a relationship with Jesus. 

 She and my daddy  listened so sweetly and guided me the night I came to them crying my eyes out that I had sinned and just knew I was going to hell.  She taught me that through my confession and repentance and profession of faith, Jesus' blood had paid the price for my sins. Yes, my momma is a teacher and I am still her student.  I crave her wisdom. 

My momma helped me hold my head up high when at 18 years old and a freshman in college, I found out I was pregnant.  I confided in her and she ever so gently and calmly listened to my cries.  I cannot begin to express how very calm she was which is just what I desperately needed at that time. She never made me feel like she was ashamed or disappointed in me.  I had enough of those feelings for myself. 

I was an emotional MESS because I had kept it a secret for as long as I could, even from my boyfriend (now husband) :) :)

 I was so very worried about embarrassing my family, my christian parents who instilled high morals in me and I was so concerned  how this would be perceived by friends/family who knew me to be a professed christian...christian girls do not have premarital sex, right?  After my boyfriend proposed, my momma helped me plan a huge and beautiful wedding and we pulled it off in 6 weeks time!  She was a rock through it all, daring anyone to look at me like I was to be ashamed, or that I shouldn't be in a white wedding dress!  Momma Bear I tell you!
The wedding followed with baby showers and on April 28, 1991, I became a momma.  She and I were together all day on the 27th, timing my contractions, while my husband was fishing in a tournament.  I was 2 weeks from my due date which was May 11 but my momma had told me MONTHS before that this baby would be born on April 28th and that it would be a boy.  Is that crazy or what?!?

She has always been the most discerning person I know. It's a true gift.

 My momma was in the delivery room (with all 4 of my children actually).  She was there for me whenever I needed her, which was A LOT.  I was still sort of growing up myself.  I had went from an 11:00pm curfew to being married with child.  I can never ever thank her enough for the days and nights she spent with me as I was learning to be a momma.  She still had my little sister at home to raise who was 16 at this point.  She was a tireless Momma and MawMaw.  The memories of all we shared before, during and after Jordan (my son) was born are some of my most special memories with her.  She helped me to believe that what I thought was considered being a failure (teenage mom) was actually one of my proudest accomplishments!

 I CHOSE LIFE because of the christian values my Momma had instilled in me and the faith I had in Jesus to know that "all things work for the good of those who love him" Romans 8:28.  Momma, you will probably never know how your reaction to my pregnancy was so key in the decisions I made for myself afterwards.   

If I could do anything for my momma this Mother's Day, it would be to make sure she knows how cherished, how treasured, how special, how loved, how adored she is.  I hope and pray that my kids are as fond of me as I am of my momma. 

Thank you Momma!  I am so very thankful for you.  I am so very thankful for our relationship.  I treasure and cherish any and all time that I get to spend with you.  Thank you Heavenly Father, thank you so much for hand picking my Momma for me!  I am blessed, so very, very blessed to call you Momma.   

All my love,

Angela Joy

Proverbs 31:28  "Her children rise up and call her blessed"

Me and My Momma

My children~ Jordan (21), Amberlee (17), Royce (10), Anna-Joy (8)

All of us together! 

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