May 6, 2012

SHINE winner....

We have a winner, SHINE girls! 

I have so enjoyed reading your comments about your Mothers! Thank you for sharing a piece of your hearts with us on SHINE! 

So, are you ready for the winner to be announced?

Okay, here goes....

Our SHINE girls weekday give-away winner is.....

Angela Crowe!!

Congratulations, Angela! 

(Angela just so happens to be my sister!! Angela, you can thank Lem...HE drew your name!)

You have won....

A set of Mother's Day cards from our very own SHINE girl, Gloria Plunkett!

I don't have a picture of the cards to share, but you can visit her website to get a glimpse of her incredible talent!! 

Also, I am adding a Prayer Journal to your gift, Angela! This goes along perfectly with our 30 day prayer challenge!

 We have an exciting and different week coming up, girls! Be ready to be blessed beyond measure with the line-up for this week!

I am not giving any details, because I want you to be surprised every morning!

Happy Sunday, sweet SHINE girls!

I love you to pieces!

1 comment:

  1. Leslie Clark JOnes5/06/2012

    awe....couldn't have gone to a nicer person!


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