May 29, 2012

SHINE girl weekday give-away winner is.....

So, are you ready to hear the SHINE girl weekday give-away winner?

Yes, me too!

Drum roll, please...

In honor of Memorial Day, I asked my Daddy, who is a Vietnam War veteran to draw the winner's name. I am aware that Memorial Day honors our deceased Veterans. I just found it fitting that as we celebrate our Freedom this week, we let a courageous war Veteran draw our SHINE girl winner. :-)

Our SHINE girl weekday give-away winner is....

Casey Bearden!

Here is your prize, Casey...

~a beautiful SHINE necklace~
Donated by our very own SHINE girl:
~Kimberlee Blazina~
Thank you so much, Kimberlee!

Casey, please email me at to give me your address for mailing.

Thank you, SHINE girls for your Summer favorites list! I loved reading each of them!

Another SHINE give-away coming soon...stay tuned!

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