May 7, 2012

Prayers and Praises for the week of May 7th- May 13th

  "Commit yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful."  Colossians 4:2

Please list your prayers and praises in the comment section below this week.  Our praying SHINE girls are commiting themselves to pray for you!

Praying is for the BIRDS, right???!!!  Several months ago, it was cold and wet outside.  The bird feeder, sitting just outside our dining room window, had gone neglected and empty.  I mean, we had seed, I was just lazy, y'all.  I would walk by the window and think, "I need to fill that feeder!"  Days and weeks ticked along, I would just walk by and kick myself.  One day, enough was enough, I slipped on some flip flops, took a giant cup of seed outside and filled that feeder all the way up to the top.  Shivering, I ran back inside.  I was walking by the dining room window on my way to the kitchen, and within seconds, I saw a bird fly by and perch on that feeder and start eating!!!!

 A beautiful Cardinal, boy, he ate like it was his usual stop during the day.  I was ASTOUNDED.  Feeding birds is a little different than feeding most other things.  They have to smell the food and a new feeder can take a lot of time for the birds to find, several days even...

It made me wonder if that bird was begging his Creator for food?  I mean, seriously!  Do you think he was starving and wanting to eat in the dead of winter?  Probably! Did it just take my obedience for that to happen?  Well, it sure seemed that way to me!

When you think a little prayer or a little thing God is urging you to do doesn't matter---
think again!  Pray with us and we want to pray for you!
List those little urges below
, girls, it's just the kind of support you've needed.  Let's pass them on to our gracious Heavenly Father.  He's all about prayer and so are we!!!

Filling my feeder,

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