May 14, 2012

Prayers and Praises for the week of May 14-20th

                        Tybee Island Lighthouse, Coastal Georgia 

Hey y'all, it's prayer time again.  :)

A few short weeks ago, Jill talked to our sweet, SHINE, prayer sisters about being “lighthouses.”  She explained that this was her vision for SHINE girls.  "Waves could pound against us, ships could crash into us, storms could come and go; but our light would remain, shining brightly for all to see, with God’s word as our firm footing."  Of course, we know that God's word is THE only way that the lighthouse (WE) could withstand the elements!!!  (Don't you just love a good vision from God?!)

Ok, so imagine this... God's word, with us standing firm upon it-standing tall like that lighthouse, with God's love reflecting His LIGHT from us for others to see (the spotlight), with His love beaming down all over us!!

As I stood at the bottom of this beautiful lighthouse, just a few days later, I thought of all of us and Jill’s vision.  I snapped this shot and it says it all…. I love the LIGHT shining through the clouds.  God’s providential love and light reaching down to rest on the lighthouse, illuminating it magnificently!  I want to SHINE and I want God’s favor reflecting off of my life!!! 
For us, part of being "a lighthouse" is prayer!!!  (Thanks be to God! Because we LOVE to pray!)  Please post your prayer requests and/or praises below, we are honored to pray for you and with you-- to stand in the gap! We also love to celebrate your triumphs in Christ!!  We are praying things into being, girls, it's awesome to see!

"God desires that we call those things that be not, as though they were.” Romans 4:17   

Girls!  Let’s claim the Power of the Positive Confession of God's Word!

Shine on,

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