May 14, 2012

Monday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Job 18

Good Monday morning, SHINE girls! I hope your weekend was fabulous!

Mine started with an overnight date night in Atlanta with my Lem! We shopped in Atlanta, then dined at a yummy restaurant. Girls, it was heavenly.

Yes, I missed my little ones that evening, but it was so good to just soak up some face time with my incredible man. Did I say incredible? I meant INCREDIBLE man! (yes, i kinda like him.)

On our date night Friday night, I looked around at this crowded restaurant and felt a little bit like an alien. It is just so foreign to me to be out in the big city, away from all that is familiar to me. I told Lem that one night was just about all I could handle. 

I have to tell you, girls, that I felt a bit uneasy as we shopped that evening. Surrounded by men and women that just seemed a bit lost. When I say, "lost", I mean it in a very sincere and genuine way.

We passed women that made me blush because of the outfits they were wearing. Seriously, I wanted to put a hanky over Lem's eyes. It made me so uncomfortable.

The men were much the same, girls. Not necessarily in their dress, but in their attitudes and their demeanor. Very unconcerned with those around them, and forget about chivalry. Not a hint.

It made me sad. I felt like I was in another world. I actually prayed for all that passed by me. I prayed that each one would hear His Voice and be drawn to Truth.

Truth that still values discretion, humility, kindness, friendliness, love, and honoring those around us. 

I kept hearing the word, "Babylon".

Everywhere I turned, I would hear that word whispered in my ear. Girls, we are living in the 21st century Babylon. Truly, we are.

Babylon: 1A city or place of great luxury, sensuality, and often vice and corruption

We have gotten numb to it. It is a part of our every day lives. The "culture" that we live in. 


At one point, I saw a beautiful young mother. Her dress that she was wearing made me blush. Not a hint of discretion. She was dragging her little daughter behind her. The little girl was no more than 4 years old. 

It took my breath away. I wanted desperately to stop this young Mother and tell her how beautiful she was and that she did not need to show her body to win favor and approval from others. I wanted to tell her that her daughter was watching her, and would be walking in her footsteps in a very short time. 

Oh, girls. I was not judging her. I had compassion on her. I wanted to put a sweater on her little shoulders and nurture her. She probably had never been told that she was a pretty girl, or that her beauty comes from within. 

I immediately prayed for this mother. I then prayed for her daughter. 

I will never ever forget when my little girl, Presley, told me this: "Mommy, I watch you all of the time. Even when you think I don't see you."

Oh my goodness! How powerful are those words! (and a bit scary!)

Who is watching you today, sweet sisters?

Maybe you don't have daughters, maybe you have sons that are looking to you for an example of their future girlfriends and wives. Would you be proud if they chose someone like you?

Or maybe you don't have children, but I guarantee you some little eyes are watching your every move. They are desperately looking for an example to follow.

Let's examine our daily walk girls. Even when we think nobody sees us, somebody does. Always.

  • What kind of clothes are we wearing?
  •  What kind of books are we reading?
  •  What music are we listening to?
  •  What are we watching on television? 
  • How do our conversations sound to an outsider--especially ones with little ears?
  •  How do we treat our elders? 
  • Are we careful with the words that come out of our mouths?
  •  Do we say one thing, yet do another?
  • Are we hypocritical?
  • Are we truthful in all things?

I have learned a HUGE lesson with this very thing within the last year. My struggles with fear were set high on display for my children to see. I did not even think of how it may affect their little lives.(shuddering.) 

Oh, but you can be sure that the Lord shined His bright Love Light on me and convicted me of this.

He said, "Jill, they will walk where you walk. Make sure you are walking on a path that leads to Trusting Me and putting all of your Faith in Me. They will follow your path."

Talk about conviction! From that day forward, I have been on my spiritual toes around my little loves. They are watching my every move. (whoa!)

Girls, this is a big, big deal. We have the power to change this world if we start in our very own homes.

What we invest our time in, we will reap the fruit of. So, let's be sure it is something worthy of bearing the best fruit! 

What goes into our hearts and minds, will be poured back out to those around us.

For the good, or for the bad.

Let's only digest good things, girls! No, not just good things, but the BEST things! (Like the Word of God!)

Ask the Lord to open your eyes to any area of uncleanliness. It may be something that you are completely unaware of. The Lord will tell you. You can be sure of it. 


Purify our lives. We live in a modern day Babylon. Surrounded by lust, greed, selfishness, lies, and distortions. 

We refuse to believe these lies or buy into this Babylon world. We KNOW that you have given us the power to not live in bondage to this world. 

Father, open our eyes. Convict us where we need some tuning up. Let us be the ones that set the example for our little ones. If not us, then who will, Lord?

Fill us with your Power, Love, and Truth. Let purity be our destiny, Father. Not perfection, but purity of heart. Purity of our spirits.

Let us be the generation that refuses to buy into the Babylon lie. Let us be the generation that shows a better way. An everlasting way. 

We ask these things in the name of Jesus. 


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