May 4, 2012

Friday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Job 12

It's Fun Friday, SHINE girls! Celebrate!

Wow! What a week we have had in God's word and here on SHINE. I mean, there are just no words to describe what God has taught me (us) this week.

Are you with me?

As I threw down my proverbial "crutches" this week, I have to admit--it was scary.

My comfortable self got a little (a lot) uncomfortable. I had kind of gotten comfy with my "bondage" and "struggle." They were a part of my wardrobe. (and not an attractive part)

Can you relate?

I had always chalked my struggle up to this: "It's just the way I am."

What a LIE! No, not just a LIE--a bold faced LIE from Satan!

If it is just the way that I am--then why does God promise us Victory? What would be the point of that promise? His word cannot lie. It is not capable of lying.

Here me again: IT CANNOT LIE.

"God is not a man, that he should lie, nor a son of man, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?"
Numbers 23:19

Hey, that verse again one more time!

Are you out of chair yet? I mean, seriously. Awesome, awesome stuff.

As I was leaving my daughter's school yesterday, I caught a glimpse of all of the first graders in the lunchroom. They were sitting on the floor--Indian style--watching a mariachi band perform.

I sneaked in there so that I could blow a kiss goodbye to my daughter.

As I watched the band, and watched the children watching the band, I got choked up.

Okay, the music was good--but that is not why I got choked up.

These 6 and 7 year olds were on the floor, quiet and mesmerized by this little mariachi group. Completely mesmerized.

I grabbed my phone and snapped a (blurry) shot of this site.

"I see a generation 
Rising up to take their place
With selfless faith..."
words to Hosanna

God spoke to me in that very that very doorway of the cafeteria.

"This is why you and my sheep need Victory. These are my little lambs, Jill. See how they are watching this band? Imagine how they are watching you. Blaze this path for them, Jill. If not you, then who?"

Oh, girls! I hurried to the car, turned up my Hosanna song on the CD and cried my eyes out on the drive home.

THIS is why we need to nip this VICTORY thing in the root girls. These little lambs are on our heels. Watching our every move. Waiting to see if they too can have this "Victory" thing.

Let's show them LOUD and CLEAR! Victory is for the taking when you serve Jesus Christ! Not just for me, not just for you, but for ALL who choose to accept His gift and throw the crutches in the fiery pit once and for all!

As mascara is dripping off of my eye lashes (yes, it really is), I plead with you to walk this Victory lap once and for all. It's time. You are ready.

Are you a babysitter? A child care worker? A teacher? A mother? A grandmother? An Aunt? A tutor? A cousin? A sibling?

Whoever you are....WHOEVER you are.....some little lamb is watching you. And make no mistake, they are desperately needing you to show them Victory. They are searching for the nearest wellspring of Hope.

Be that Hope, girls. Do not pass the buck on this. YOU are the Hope. You be the one to show them Victory. True, God-given, God-breathed, Victory.

Once and for all.

Your Friday challenge:

Speak your Victory to someone today. Say it out loud for someone to hear. If you cannot say it to their face, email it, text it, phone call it...whatever works for you. Just get it outside of your head and into the Light of the Lord for the total healing. The final Victory.

 Your Victory lap is today. Hear me? Not tomorrow, not Saturday, not next week, not next year...


If you want to share under this all means...we would LOVE to hear.

Be bold, girls. He's worth it.

walking--no, running--my Victory lap,


**Speaking my challenge: Today, I choose to walk in Victory from fear, panic attacks and anxiety. I'm DONE.

Thank you, Jesus.

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