May 11, 2012

Friday EXTRA SHINE....

Okay, I have two more things for you today, SHINE girls. Just two.

With all of these incredible stories, I completely forgot about our Friday Challenge!

Are you ready?

Remember your person that you are praying for--for 30 days?  (you better!) ;)

(If you are new to SHINE-- see the post here.)

Keep praying for them. We are on day 14! Almost half way through.

Today, as you are praying for them....I want you to go and grab your Bible. Or Bible app. on your phone. Whatever floats your little boat.

Go to Psalm 91.

Pray this verse over your "person" today. Insert their names when you come across any pronoun such as "He, him, they, etc..)

Got it?

Okay, one more thing.

Here is a picture of my Grandmother and Grandfather. I forgot that I had this picture of them framed here at my house. I wanted y'all to see how beautiful she is! (and I have always envied her slim legs!)

R.B. & Avis Austin circa 1950-ish

She loved to write too. I can relate.

That's all for today, girls. Make sure to check the website this weekend...MORE stories!

praying psalm 91 over all of you,


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  1. Anonymous5/11/2012

    Love you Jilly, and can't wait to spend time with you this weekend.xxoo


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