Apr 25, 2012

Wednesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Job 5

Happy Worship Wednesday, SHINE girls! 

Sing loud today! Worship your Man...Jesus! He loves to hear your sweet voice singing His praises!

Trust me, my singing voice is NOT sweet to hear, but I KNOW HE loves it anyway! :)

Today, my friend Erin Spinks is guest-blogging. Erin is such a ray of sunshine in my life and so many others! It is my JOY to be able to meet her every single morning to run and talk about LIFE! 

One of my most favorite memories of Erin is running my first (and only) 5K with her. She is an awesome runner, so she finished way before me. However, when I was getting close to the finish line (and about to DIE), she ran to me and pulled me in! 

I am not kidding. She did!

That's the kind of friend she is. 

Be blessed and inspired by my sweet friend. 

“Surround yourself with ones who lift you up!”
by Erin Spinks

I am blessed. I have always had the best of friends. I cherish them all. Starting with the friends that shared my childhood. We have secrets, memories, love that will always be dear to my heart. They taught me what friendship was and how to love others. I always knew that my friends were special and that we would remain close forever.

 As an adult though, life gets busy--I hate this word, just like Jill! We (women) tend to pour our energy into our families, our work, our marriage. Sometimes we can get caught up in the responsibilities of these things and loose the connections God wants us to have.
We are all in this life together, to lift each other up. Lately, I have been thinking about inspiration.

 What inspires me? What is it in my daily walk that I want to be better at? I do not view these things as unreachable goals. I know the gifts God has given me. I do not focus on other’s gifts and try to be like them. Instead, I pray for God to use the people around me to help better me as a person-a wife-a mother-a friend. God has placed so many friends to surround me daily. They each have their own strengths, their own gifts, their own beauty, their own struggles. And yet, their walk inspires me. Not that they stand beside me holding my hand teaching me daily, but that they are an example in my life through their actions: They show up. They encourage. They cry. They smile. They help. They convict. They pray. They do not quit. They work hard. They shine. 

We were not meant to do this life alone. My favorite thing about my workout running girls is that I KNOW they are going to be there! I know that no matter what kind of morning, night, hardships they have had--they are coming! They teach me that none of life’s challenges or success mean anything without having loved ones to share that memory or moment with. “None of us can do great things alone.” My friend Jamie Miles just ran a ½ marathon! I celebrate her-she inspires me. Take the example of her training to teach you about inspiration. Not the fact that you may never run a marathon--we all have our own goals and desires. The training, desire to prepare, and conquer what you can do. 

running friends
from left: Amy, Stephanie, Erin, Ashley, Kelly, and Jill

Be inspired. You too will be inspiring to someone else. Take a couple of these quotes and post them to your bathroom mirror. Write them on your child’s mirror. Shout them out to friends! Be a blessing to others. We need each other!

* life is either daring adventure, or nothing at all. – helen keller
* buy the ticket, take the ride – hunter s. thompson
* you only live once but if you do it right once is enough – mae west
* above all, try something – franklin d. roosevelt
* i never worry about the future it comes soon enough – albert einstein
* mind your step
* one who makes no mistakes makes nothing at all – giacomo casanova
* do one thing everyday that scares you – eleanor roosevelt
* in the end it’s not the years in your life that count it’s the life in your years. – abraham lincoln
* do more
* if i’d followed all the rules i’d never have gotten anywhere – marilyn monroe
* action expresses priorities – gandhi
* #makeitcount

Make that bucket list-hold a friend’s hand and celebrate doing it! This Saturday, I will run the MUDD RUN! I am scared, anxious, nervous, excited, full of joy! Crazy how many emotions--but my favorite thing about it is that I am doing it with my favorite people and I am inspired by my kids who think it is the most awesome thing I could ever do!! 

Checking it off--living this life full!

 **"thank you for being a friend! traveled down the road and back again.  your heart is true-you're a pal and a confidant!" Golden Girls

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