Apr 17, 2012

Tuesday SHINE.....

Today's Reading: 2 John

Good morning, SHINE girls! How has your week started out?

If I could describe my week thus far with one word it would be=FULL.

My sister has 4 kids. I remember thinking about 5 years ago: "I will NEVER be that busy! I like peace and calm in my days."

Oh boy, have I eaten those words (or thoughts!). My days are fuller than full. Probably a lot like yours.

Nowadays, I catch myself before saying those 3 little words: "I would NEVER..."

I have learned that as soon as the words come out of my mouth, it is a given that it will happen. You can bet your bottom dollar it will.

Can y'all relate?

So, last night my daughter loses her top tooth. Finally. This tooth was not just any old tooth, oh no. It was all jacked-up and turning colors because it was so ready to come out of her little bitty mouth.

Did I mention that it was her TOP front tooth? Yes, the very top tooth. Front and center.

It had gotten to be so bad that we started teasing her and calling that tooth her Nanny McPhee tooth.
just in case you need a Nanny McPhee visual.
She would not let anyone come near her mouth for love or money. Until last night.

If you happened to be walking by my house last night, you may have thought someone was being tortured and hung up by their toe nails. It was Presley.

She wasn't really being tortured, but to an innocent bystander, it may have appeared that way.

All it took was one little turn of that tooth from my handsome husband and the tooth was out.

 Of course as he is trying to get his hands near her mouth she is screaming bloody murder, Joseph is laying his hands on her in prayer (God bless that sweet soul), and I have her little hands clutched tightly in mine so that she will not fling her hands up as he is pulling.

Got all that?

Oh the drama.

As soon as the tooth came out, she stopped crying, turned around, looked in the mirror, and smiled her new toothless smile. She loved what she saw.

The tears dried up and she was giddy at the thought of the tooth fairy visit that would surely come this night.

As I put my little toothless princess to bed, I had a revelation about the whole thing.

Why do we insist on hanging on to something gross and yucky when it clearly needs to go? We all saw that the tooth needed to go, but Presley kicked and screamed and screamed some more in defiance of parting with that tooth.

I can think of a few things that I have clung to for dear life that needed to be snipped once and for all.

Let's see:
  • an unhealthy relationship
  • guilt
  • condemnation
  • un-forgiveness
  • body image issues
  • insecurity (to the Nth degree)
  • bitterness
  • rebellion (in my married life it was over spending (too much) money.)
  • pride
  • did i mention guilt?

Girls, these things are ugly and unnecessary. Just like Presley's tooth that so desperately needed pulling.

She was so afraid of the pain (and the change) that she was willing to have a big, decaying, jacked-up tooth in her mouth.

Let's get free from all this junk, girls. This decaying rotten stuff lying around is just not good for us. Let's snip it right out of our lives.

It may sting a bit when you snip it, but you will love your new look. The look of confidence and boldness in Christ. The look of a little girl that trusts her Father when He says it's time to snip that thing right off.

If my 7 year old daughter can do it....so can we.

(notice top left tooth.)
see, i told you.

no more jacked-up tooth!

getting ready for the tooth fairy,


Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.
Hebrews 12:1

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