Apr 14, 2012

Saturday SHINE

Happy Saturday, Sweet Girls and a very Happy Weekend to you and yours!!!

It's so good have a reprieve for getting things checked off of our to-do list or soaking up precious time with family and friends.

Your to-do's may include catching up on a chapter or two from I John.  Go ahead and get caught up with us.  No Shine girl left behind.  ;)  (And, you'll be so glad you did! :))

We have already begun our very full weekend over here - - just like you, I'm sure.

Bless you girls in all you do!  

Because of our crazy busy weekend, we will not have our SHINE give-away drawing for a bit.
Guess what that means?  There's still time to enter for a chance to win our fabulous prize!  

Go HERE and tell us your favorite book of the Bible and don't forget to give me your name as well.  :)

Let your bright Light keep SHINING for Him!

Much love to you!


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