Apr 22, 2012

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  1. Job is such a well-known story...at least the part about the adversity...I mean to lose all that he had accept his wife...all of his possessions...even his children...

    How many times have we seen someone or been the person who was hit over and over and over by adversity...woe is me....

    In each chapter, I have marked the scriptures that jumb out at me...

    Chapter 1...verses 6-12...very interesting in deed that the LORD asks satan about His servant Job...and satan explains that the only reason Job is so righteous is because of the hedge of protection around him and his household...and seeing that God removes the protection and gives satan instructions on exactly how far he can go with Job...that he is not to touch his person. Then, after satan does all the wickedness against Job...verse 21...Job declares Naked I came from my mothe's womb, and Naked shall I return there. The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; Blessed be the name of the LORD.

    Chapter 2, after satan again has God point out Job as His righteous servant even after the adversity...and God again gives him instructions that he can touch his person but not take his life...so satan struck Job with painful boils from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet...then, verse 9 when his wife says..."Curse God and die." Job's answer in verse 10, saying she's foolish,.."Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?" Interesting question, shinegirls...

    Now, Chapter 3..

    After job moans and groans...mourning inside and outside...just in total distress...saying and asking questions...just in total misery...see verse 25..."For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me, And what I dreaded has happened to me..."

    Challenge for us today, girls! Are we fearing and dreading anything? The LORD says like hundreds of times in the Word...Fear Not!!! Over and over...Without Faith (opposite of fear), we can't please God. We are to only fear God! Nothing else...

    I hear You LORD!!! I pray that we shall not fear!! I pray that we not fear that that fear not come upon us!!!

    In Jesus' Name!!! Amen and Amen.

  2. Anonymous4/23/2012

    I think each of us should view suffering as an opportunity to show others (and Satan) how great our God is. God is using you during a tough time to be a testimony. He thinks enough of you to ALLOW this pain, this unfair, undeserved situation to show you and others how GREAT He is. There's nothing like the feeling of knowing God is with you and using you. To be unmolested by Satan is not necessarily a blessing from God. If Satan isn't messing with you, you aren't doing God's kingdom any good. God uses both the good and the bad, just as Job says. Both are from God or allowed by Him. He is in control and He has that right as our Creator and Savior. God used Job's suffering to make a point. That doesn't mean you can't lament as Job does here in chapter three. Jesus knows what suffering is. If you are called to such suffering, will you respond the way God thinks you will?
    P. Helms

  3. Yes, Aunt Teddi, Job answers his wife correctly by the Spirit but then like so many; (me), go back to lament and question. Job is covering all his bases of 'why'. So many times in #3 is the word 'why' used? God hears and sometimes He imparts the answer to us, sometimes (oh dear) we must walk by faith, stand on His promises and trust Him. And yes, Jill; there's nothing like the feeling of knowing God is with you and using you. Be careful when you pray 'Lord, glorify yourself in and thru me." When He is silent, trust him girls, He is doing a much bigger work all around and in the midst of it, You are the apple of His eye. Like Job, He is allowing what He feels we must go thru. He's THERE with us all the time. His Hand upholds us, - FEAR NOT! When fear comes, it's directly from Satan to BLOCK our faith. If you can't get over it, go around it, stay on God's path for you. Lord, mark our paths, send Your light to show us the way. Teach us to wait on you Lord. Your promise is that we we soar like eagles, run and not be weary, walk and not faint. You are with us always. And yes, like verse #26, Job has no ease or quiet or rest and is surrounded by trouble. This let's you know you are normal to feel the way you do when you're overwhelmed BUT RUN GIRLS, I say RUN to the ROCK. Throw your anchor on the alter of God and hang on. Breaking down is painful but He will mend our broken hearts, He will put us back together and build us better than ever. He will put His song in our hearts.

  4. Thank You, LORD, for the reading of Your Word! Thank You for the example given in Your servant Job. Thank You for reminding us where we get the prayer that we pray a hedge of protection around those we are praying for. Thank You that You have given us Your scriptures for us to reprove...for us to test, try, and prove You, LORD! Thank You for the wonderful Word in the mouths of Your shinegirls, in Jesus' Name...Amen and Amen. Amazing that this is the oldest book written in our Bible. Simply Amazing....

  5. i LOVE the history of Job! i had NO idea it was the oldest book in the bible..wow!! i am in awe of God's wo


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