Mar 7, 2012

Wednesday SHINE....

Today's Reading: 2 Samuel 1

Good morning, SHINE girls! (i still hear Ty Pennington's voice every time i say this. it makes me giggle.)

Okay, I have to confess, I am SO excited to be back in the Old Testament with David.

Never would I have thought that I would rather be reading the Old Testament than the New Testament.

Things have changed, my friends. I have discovered David.

Oh, my sweet David.

I think I have a major crush on him. Like, major.

Shhh, don't tell my husband.

He hasn't left my thoughts or my heart since we left him in the dust a couple of weeks ago at the end of 1 Samuel.

As I opened my Bible today to read from 2 Samuel, my heart was just a pitter pattering. Yes, I do think I am a little (a LOT) smitten with our Old Testament friend, David.

Here is what intrigues me about today's reading:

 David was sincerely mournful over the death of Saul and Johnathon. He tore his clothes and grieved their losses.

I love a man that can cry.

 I mean, seriously, vulnerability is way under-rated in my book. It's a beautiful thing when a man can show his emotions in such a passionate way.

Then you throw in tearing his clothes? Oh, now that is just down-right irresistible. (sorry Lem!)

The Amekelite man that came to tell David the news of their deaths told a slightly different story than what we read at the end of 1 Samuel.

Did y'all catch that?

He said that Saul asked him (the Amekelite man) to do the honors of killing him, because Saul was already in the throes of death.

Didn't we read in 1 Samuel that Saul took his own life?


Okay, somebody is lying here. I would bet my last tube of Mary Kay lip gloss that it's Mr. Amekelite.

Boy, he sure messed up by telling David this little tale.

Mr. Amekelite thought that David would be glad that Saul was dead and honor him for his good deed of taking Saul's life.

Oh, on the contrary, girls.

My David, oops, not my David.....Our David, doesn't take too highly to men that mess with the Lord's anointed. The anointed in this case being Saul.

So, what does David do? He immediately has Mr. Amekelite killed! Right there on the spot!


David doesn't mess around, does he?

(another reason why i love him!)

 David truly has a heart like God's. No, he is not perfect. We will come to see his many imperfections and sins in the preceding chapters.

 David's heart is good, though. It's tender, it's merciful.

Yet, his heart is also strong and bold and obedient to the Lord. He doesn't tolerate lying and making a mockery out of God.

Are we this sincere, girls? Do we honor God in this way?

Do we take serious God's commands regarding telling the truth (in all areas) and protecting His anointed?

Oh yikes.

 Little bitty white lies don't seem to hurt anyone. Right?

Guess what?

Little white lies are still lies. We think we are the only ones that know when we say or do things that aren't exactly the right thing.

However, God knows. He always knows.

We can never truly have a heart like God's if we don't start taking his commandments seriously.

Remember back in  1 Samuel when God was angry with Saul?  Do you remember why?

Saul did not completely obey the Lord. He partially did.

God had told Saul to kill ALL of the Amelekites and ALL of the cattle, sheep and donkeys that belonged to them.

Well, Saul killed almost all of them. Saul kept the King of the Amelekites alive and all of the king's best cattle.

God was furious with Saul. Saul had not completely obeyed God.

Ok, now fast forward to today's reading. Do you see the irony in an Amelekite telling David that he had killed Saul? There should not even have been an Amelekite left on the planet! (according to God's instructions to Saul back in 1 Samuel 15.)

Are y'all getting this?

Girls, God means business! Yes, He is full of Grace, Mercy and Love. Yet, He also expects us to obey Him when He tells us to do something. (or not to do something.)

My little head is spinning right now.

God is teaching us so much through His word, it truly is mind blowing.

My little silver toe nails are being stepped all over!

That's okay though. I've got polish remover and more polish to put on them--just like God's got enough Grace and Mercy to cover my mess-ups and my sins.

Girls, we must honor Him, daily. Not by trying to be perfect, but by trying our best to obey Him.

My son, Joseph, does not like to clean up his room. At all.

Yesterday when I told him to clean up his room he said" "Mommy, I just cleaned it last week!"

I giggled when he said this.

"Joseph, honey, cleaning your room is a daily thing. Cleaning it once a month doesn't quite work, sugar pie."

I'm not sure he understands this concept completely, but we're working on it.

Let's get this down, girls. Let's daily go to Him and honor Him by our obedience. Just because we went to church last week or last night--- doesn't quite cut it.

He calls us daily to walk in obedience to Him, friends.

re-painting my toe nails,


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