Mar 1, 2012

Thursday SHINE....

Today's Reading: Romans 13

Happy Thursday, SHINE!

I just have a little something for you today. Soak in it, girls.

Do you want healing?

Do you want peace?

Do you want freedom from bondage?

Do you want victory?

Do you want clarity?

Me too.

The answer is as simple and complex as this:


Go to Him, friends. He's waiting for you.

His Word is your nourishment, daily. 

Do you skip a day from eating?

 Ummmm, no.

So, why should we ever skip a day from reading God's Word?

We shouldn't. It's our spiritual nourishment.

Go, feed yourselves girls.

It's a never ending supply.

drinking from the saucer,


Matthew 4:4 ~ "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God."

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