Mar 11, 2012

SHINE weekday-give-away 3/11-3/16....

Are you ready for this week's Weekday SHINE Give-Away?

Okay, here goes.

In one word, tell me what Jesus is to YOU.

I know it's hard to capture JESUS in only one word, but try if you can.

Jesus is many things to me at different times. Lately, the first word that comes into my heart when I think of Him is:


Literally, He delivers me daily. I get myself into all kinds of messes, and He sweeps me up and delivers me back to where I need to be. It makes me cry just thinking of Him doing this.

What's your one word for what Jesus is to you this very second?

Please make sure to put your name when you comment. I will have the drawing at the end of the week.

Rebekah Vepraskas is providing this totally awesome weekday-give-away. You will LOVE what she is giving away!

Ok....ready, set, GO!


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