Mar 17, 2012

Saturday SHINE....

Today, we have "Aunt Teddi" guest blogging for us again.
I know you'll all be blessed by what the Lord has laid on her heart.  

She wears many hats well - - wife, mother, GRANDmother, aunt, sister, friend.  

BUT she has a heart for her single greatest passion and that is PRAYER.

It's probably her greatest joy, too (right next to loving on her 5 granddaughters) and it is a gift with which she has been blessed by God.

She prays The Word daily, on a conference line, with other women who share her passion.  (One day, we should get her to share more on that as well.)

I hear that it's pretty amazing.  It must be, because she has been praying with them for years, and you can bet that she has prayed for you as well.
Enjoy the message she shares with you today.  :)

I just had to share with you wonderful Shinegirls the precious concept of time that the LORD has given me. I blogged it on January 13, 2011 right after the snow…the closest we’ve had to a blizzard in a very long time.

As I have prayed with so many of you, and I’ve heard the needs…and the need to balance it all! We humans just don’t have a clue unless the LORD speaks.  The snow was a very good time to listen…I could go no where…I was truly snowed in!!!  J

 Make time!  Take time!  Time out!  On time!  Behind time!  Have time!  Mark time!  Time time American time!  Over time!  Out of time!  

Today was the fourth day with snow on the ground, and for us who live in Metro Atlanta, it is not the norm during the winter.  I've listened to all the voices around me, as we've gone from enjoying the wonder of the beauty of snow and enjoyed playing in it being extremely stir crazy, doing without our mail and garbage pick-up -- things we do indeed take for granted.  Unusual for this area, the temperatures have remained very cold and the melting snow and ice today has refrozen and there was more slipping and sliding today than yesterday. 

As all this unfolds I am reminded of the first words I heard when the snow first blanketed us.  Be still and know that I AM God
.  God is still on His throne, and all is right with the world.  As the voices have changed from voices of wonder to voices of complaint and unrest, I hear the Lord say,

"Just like Israel.  After I answer their prayers, they mumble and complain.  Did you not say, I need more time with my family.  I need time to clean my house.  I need time to read a book.  I don't have time to pray.  I  don't have time to study my Bible." Have I not heard you and answered your prayer?  Have I not given you four days, and many of you have tomorrow --  5 days.  Five is the number of grace!  Grace to you, my children.  You ask, and I answer..and you still murmur and complain."

If you place your hand into this water, it will not displace the water.  Yet, your hand is in the water.  Time is like this.  You must make time to do anything that you need to or want to do.  If you stop doing anything you've been doing everyday, it is hard to fit it back in.  You will wonder how you ever had time for that activity.  If you want to spend time with God, you must set aside and make your divine appointment with him everyday.  What a wonderful thing...time.  We pray,  "Lord, redeem the time.  In Jesus' Name Amen and Amen!"

He that has an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church.

I ended the blog here…but later…I added the following and amended for us today…

As you seek Him first every single day, spending time with Him in the Secret Place every morning before you begin the day, you will find that the time you have needed, to do everything you need to do, has been redeemed.  ObedienceOrder…Biblical words, therefore, THE WORD! 

We call the day, our day.  We talk about time like the same amount is not available to each of us.  We Martha around, so often forgetting, that if we don’t Mary, we don’t do what God loves best!  We do what we want to or think we need to do instead of what He sees as the best!!

Do you have needs? Then, Seek Him first, every day, tarry for that hour or more, and as the time gets closer to His return, with others in agreement, chasing more than 1,000. Chasing the 1,000 is not enough for the Last Days Church.  We must join in one voice, combatting the enemy with the Word that slays the enemy! One chases 1,000…2 chases 10,000…3 chases 100,000…and 4 chases 1 million.  How many will a room full chase? God only knows!!! J

Have a blessed Saturday, and arise in the morning committed to the Secret Place of the Most High, first and foremost.  If you can arise with others, like I do, DO IT!!! You won’t be the same!!! I promise!!!

Love you much in the Lord!

Aunt Teddi

Aunt Teddi (as herself, though she claims us all, here are just 4
of her many nieces and nephews) celebrating her big birthday,  December 2011. 

Teddi with her beautiful sisters, Beth, Gloria and Carole
Teddi & Tim and their boys, Timothy, Ted and Frank

Teddi with her clan, The Holt Family,
3 sons, 2 daughters-in-law and 5 granddaughters

Teddi with her man and beloved grandgirls.  :)
~Imagine the sleepovers they have~

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