Mar 10, 2012

Saturday SHINE....

Happy Saturday, SHINE! 

No scheduled reading for the weekend. So, catch up if you need to. 

Today, I have the HUGE honor of introducing one of my favorite women in the whole world. 

Jamie Miles.

Jamie at Door
here she is! 

If I have ever aspired to be like someone, it is Jamie. 

She is a wife, a momma, a runner, and a writer.  (just to name a few)

Most of all, she is the coolest, most laid-back girl on the planet. No frills, no fuss, just pure Jamie. 

She has an awesome blog here. Check it out, and get to know her even more. 

To know her is to love her. 

Enjoy, girls.

SHINE post
by Jamie Miles

Guess it’s time for me to Shine.
Don’t feel like the shiny type anymore but I’ll take a washcloth and rub off some of this tarnish and see how it goes.
I met Jill this year through our morning running group. She is in person just as she blogs. Warm, affirming, beautiful inside and out and full of love for her Lord.
When she asked me to share, I said sure. Now as I sit here, let’s see what He wants me to convey.
Don’t know if you got a chance to read Erin Spink’s post last Thursday, but if you didn’t please do. It touched on something I said during an early morning run (like 5:15 early) with a friend a few hours before.
Chatting along through the dark streets of Madison, taking glimpses of that awesome moon, we talked of the upcoming break. I mentioned how I so look forward to spending a few days with my sister.
Her home is a typical Florida house. The back has large floor to ceiling glass doors that open to a pool deck and lake.
I spoke of sitting outside in the warm Florida morning, holding a mug of steaming coffee, hopefully catching a glimpse of an egret stalking the shoreline for breakfast. Listening to the quiet, smelling the hint of salt in the air, feeling the breeze as it washes over my bare feet (and chartreuse toenails).
Pretty simple huh.
We crave simplicity because in those still moments we can rest, sit in love and just be in God’s presence.
No searching involved. When we unplug – tune out to tune in – He is there.
He is there all the time, of course. In the hustle, in the chaotic running around of this faster and faster paced world we live in.
He is there in the weight and darkness of marriages that are crumbling, lost jobs and zero bank balances and children who are running fast the wrong way.
Yet, when we calm a bit and open our eyes to the simple yet profound beauty before us -- the veil is removed and we see.
We feel.
I wish that for you today. A cozy spot, indoors or out. A moment of peace to refill and recharge.
Like Erin reminded us…it’s so simple, yet so profound.
He was, He is and He forever will be….
With me.
With you.
With us. 


  1. Anonymous3/10/2012

    "to know her is to love her", the honest truth!!! God will place your "jamie" in your every day life too because HE wants us all to see the simple truths of life. HE wants us to see and experience life with people who have grown in him. This is what jamie is for me. I see God working in her and I want to be that to others. She has already gone through where I am in life and she encourages me and so many others;) thank you for sharing jamie;) **ask God to show you a friend who has experienced life*it is a special gift from HIM!!

  2. Thanks, Jamie. I'll be in my pink April...with son, his wife, and grandgirls. I will see the favorite bird, I think, because watching it sneak up on its prey is the funniest thing and I lol every time...I will see the blue skies and ocean...that show God's vastness better than anything on earth...I will see the sand enjoyed much by my grands...and the soaking up of my daughter in-law...and the playing in the water with his girls by my son...the pelicans diving...the sandpipers running in and out...the seagulls in such grace as they fly over...the crabs and shells...Can you tell that I enjoy the beach? Love that you reminded me to just catch a glimpse...and I love the Word like me peaced and rest for my soul...I marinate in it every day...literally...transforming my mind...that I think on the "these things" the LORD tells us to...and not the "things of this world." I will remain in this state, today, Jamie, as I make two birthday cakes and shop for hamburgers and hotdogs for Pop's and Ted's B'days! and a late remembrance of Frank's since he was out of country at b-day time. Thanks Jill! :) <3

  3. Anonymous3/10/2012

    love the words of wisdom!

    We, or at least I, ALL need to take time slow down....make time to sit weird is that but sadly true!!

    Thank you for the reminder!

    Kim J

  4. i love you jamie miles! i loved you even before i KNEW you! i would read your articles in the madison paper and soak up the humor and the wisdom. i LONG to be like YOU in the way you mother, write, and LIVE your LIFE! so often, i feel like i am running in circles, and then i see you and i just SMILE! your laid-back ways are what i desire!

    thank you for the HUGEST honor of posting here on SHINE! i HOPE you will do it again very soon. we all have so much to learn from YOU. i know you are shaking your head, because you are so humble like that.

    thank you for being my (our) friend- you bless me more than you will ever know!

  5. I love your post, Jamie! Thank you!!!


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