Mar 3, 2012

Saturday SHINE girl winner......

Good morning, SHINE! 

As always, no weekend reading.

 However, please use this time to catch up if you are behind on your reading.

 Romans is OH, so good!

The new reading plan for this week will be posted tomorrow, be sure to check the blog!

Okay, time for our Weekday Give-away drawing....

Are you ready?

my sweet little 10 year old, Joseph, draws the name this time

 is our SHINE girl WINNER!! 

Here is your beautiful prize!

a BIG thank you to Lisa Inlow for providing our prize this week!.

Molli, please email me at lemandjill at gmail dot com, and I will get your address for Lisa to send the necklace.


Happy weekend, SHINE!!

~Keep praying for your unsaved loved ones, girls. Prayer is POWERFUL stuff.~

1 comment:

  1. Molli Brown3/03/2012

    Oh I love it! Thank you! :)



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