Mar 5, 2012

Monday SHINE....

Today's Reading:  Romans 15

Good Morning, SHINE girls!

If you haven't noticed already, our reading is heading into a new direction this week.  Not sure about you, but I cannot WAIT to get back to Samuel! I have been missing our friend, David. A lot. (No offense, Paul.)

So, I just have a couple of things to share that happened to me this weekend.

Really, really cool stuff.

Okay,  I was getting dressed for church yesterday morning. As I was putting on my face (my make-up), I was praying very fervently about some things in my life. The kids and my sweet Lem were in the kitchen, and it was just me and God in my little bathroom.

It was a really intimate moment that God and I were having. I was pouring my heart out to him as I was applying my mascara.

I love that I serve a God that I can talk to while applying mascara. How cool is that?

When I finished my heart to heart with the Lord, I went to go and make up my bed. The room was quiet, because I had turned the radio down to do my talking to God.

I heard the Holy Spirit whisper something to me. He told me to turn the radio on. God had a little message for me.

Really? For me? Moi??

Okay, I'll obey.

I turned on the radio, and a song was just starting to play. It was this:

The song is called :

The Way by Jeremy Camp

Here is the main chorus:

Shine, bright 
Let Your glory fill this land 
Lift high, the King of Kings and great I am 
Jesus, You are the way 

Shine?  Bright? 

Hello, He showed me this song, because He loves me.

Guess what?

He loves you too! He wants to reveal Himself to us daily, moment   by moment. 

Does that make you jump for joy or what?

Okay, here's the second cool thing that happened.

On the way to the grocery store today after church, I spent a lot of time praying (again) about some things that I am waiting to happen.

 I told God (and Lem) that I felt I was in a holding pattern, and I was ready to take flight. 

I told God that I was getting very anxious in this holding pattern, and I was ready to take the next step with Him.

I poured and poured my heart out to God (again).

That night, after our small group at church, I went to the bathroom to wash my hands.  As I reached for the faucet, I saw this small little card lying there. 

This is what it read:

"Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him." Psalm 37:7

I picked the card up, and my eyes filled with tears. 

God? Are you speaking to me again?? Twice in one day? Really?


I call these "red bird" moments. Red bird moments are when God shows you something so special and so personal that you KNOW it is Him. 

No coincidences, girls. None. 

So, tell me about some of your "red bird" moments. 

Is there something very intimate and personal that God has done for you lately and you would like to tell us?

Please share!

bird watching,



  1. Anonymous3/05/2012

    A few years ago, when we were talking about whether we should adopt a little girl from China or not, I was walking out of the bathroom, & ISAIAH 43:5 flashed in my mind. As clear as day, I saw it. It almost knocked me down! Now, I had no idea what this verse was about, so I ran to find my Bible & my husband. We read these words, "Do not be afraid, for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west." Pretty cool, right? Now as we get close to meeting our little girl, another adoptive father told me & my husband yesterday at church that he wanted to pray a verse over us. And he quoted Isaiah 43:5 over us, as tears filled his eyes & mine! Yes, I serve a God who loves me very much!!

    1. Anonymous3/05/2012

      That gave me chills!! Thanks for posting. "The Lord will accomplish what concerns me; Your lovingkindness, O Lord, is everlasting; Do not forsake the works of Your hands." Psalm 138:8

    2. Gloooorrrrrryyyyyy!!!!

  2. Anonymous3/05/2012

    LOVE those kind of moments! (:

  3. Heather3/06/2012

    Last night as discussing obedience with my children God hit me over the head with a 2x4 and I must confess still squirming a little today. Obedience means doing what you are asked the first time. You don't question and you are not asked twice. There are no "but's", there are no long discussions about other circumstances where it would be okay to twist around what asked, no pouting or stomping off, and no procrastinating. My life is not my own, I lay it down to You alone! My life is a constant surrender even when I don't like it, don't agree with it, don't understand it, even if life seems like life is spinning out of control...I am called to a life of obedience!I don't need to understand the fine details because I know the true bigger picture that God is using everything for his glory, his kingdom. I know where I will be in the end or truly the beginning! I am so thankful I serve a God who loves me enough to not give up on me. To continually draw me into his loving arms and not give up on me. So I raise my whit flag and say your will, your way! It may not be pretty, I may be hit over the head with a few 2X4's, but thank you Lord for caring enough for me to make me obedient unto you!!! You are absolutely the coolest, most personal, loving father!!!!

  4. Anonymous2/27/2013

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