Mar 9, 2012

Friday SHINE....

Today's Reading: 2 Samuel 3

Good morning, SHINE!

It's finally Friday!! Is it just me or was this week slow as molasses?

I think it's because we have our Spring Break next week. We were all a little antsy around this house.

Didn't y'all love Erin's post yesterday about keepin' it simple? Simple is a good, good thing.

When you have a short attention span (like myself), simple works best. Less is more, ya know?

Okay, so I know you are all dying to know what today's Friday challenge is. Right?

You just couldn't wait to get up and see! (just go with it, ok?)

Remember way back when we made our Saul boxes? I asked you to put your unlovable in there and commit to pray for them daily?

Okay, well guess what?

Today we are letting them go! Yes, you heard me!

Go to your little box, take our your Saul(s) and grab a pen.

Across each name, write this:


Now, take the pieces of paper and throw them away.

Doesn't that make you feel about 150 lbs. lighter? Me too!

Girls, that extra baggage is GONE.

You (we) are FREE.

Free in CHRIST.

I'm so, so proud of all of you! God is going to bless your socks off for all of your obedience lately.


Second part to this challenge...

SHINE someone today! What does this mean, you ask?

Encourage, write a note, buy a coffee, SMILE and SPEAK to someone in your path!

Or...Leave a note on someone's car telling them something encouraging!

Tell them they have been SHINE-d!!

After a run one morning, I got back to my car and found the absolute SWEETEST note on my car! It made my day so much brighter!

Get to SHINE-ing girls!!

feeling the warmth of your SHINE,


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