Mar 2, 2012

Friday SHINE update....

Okay, girls. Good news and bad news.

Which one first?

Okay, the bad.

I will do the drawing tomorrow instead of today.

I know, I know. I was excited too.

I am in the middle of whipping up dinner for some company, and I just don't have time to stop and do the drawing this afternoon.

How am I typing this, you ask?

Because, this takes approx. 1.25 minutes...tops. :)

So, the good news is....

You have an extra day to get your comment on the post! Yay!!

For those of you that are the procrastinating-type (like myself)--go, go enter! It's your lucky day!

back to the kitchen,


p.s...and if your name is not under your comment, I cannot put you in the drawing. (because I don't know who ya are.) so, go double check, sweet girls. xoxo!

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