Feb 12, 2012

Reading Plan 2/13-2/17....

Weekly reading plan: 2/13-2/17:

  • Monday 2/13: 1 Samuel 31
  • Tuesday 2/14: Romans 1
  • Wednesday 2/15: Romans 2
  • Thursday 2/16: Romans 3
  • Friday 2/17: Romans 4

Happy Sunday, SHINE girls! Don't ya just love Sunday's?

Church, family, friends, big lunches, long walks, rest.....ahhh, the best.

As you noticed, our reading plan is changing up a bit. We are headed to the New Testament this week beginning on Tuesday. Threw you for a curve, didn't it.

Don't worry your pretty little heads though, we will be back in the OT soon and right back to where we left off in Samuel.

It's kind of like a really good movie that leaves you hanging at the very last second. The credits start rolling and you are looking around going..."What?? Are ya kiddin' me?"

Well, stick with me girls. I promise to take you right back to our friend David.

On another note, I have a quick little something to share.

We decided to go to the 2nd service of church this morning, so I had a little extra time around the house. So of course, as we Mom's love to do, I took advantage of this and started up the (never-ending) laundry rotation.

As I was folding my daughter's clothes in her room, my mind was spinning of all that I had to do today and this coming week.

My mind was going over errands, tasks, meetings, kids school projects, menu planning, school parties, phone calls, emails, bills....you KNOW the drill.

I was starting to feel a little (a lot) overwhelmed.

As soon as I began to feel my joy sucked away from these menial tasks that I needed to accomplish this week, I heard the Holy Spirit whisper:

"Give it all to me, Jill. All of it. Even the smallest details of your day, baby girl. I want to help you. Please let me."

I literally fell to my knees.

Was it really that simple? Why hadn't I thought of this before? Why do I take my gigantic load of "stuff" to the Lord, but not the smallest details that entangle me on a daily basis?

Oh, man. What a revelation for me today!

I feel 10 lbs. lighter just knowing that He is here. He is helping me. Not just with the big gigantic things, but the tiniest details of my day. Always.

So, here's what I want us to do this week. Take a note card, or small piece of paper and write this on it:

"Give it ALL to me. Love, Jesus."

It sounds silly, but do it anyway.

Let's commit today to give this entire week to the Lord. Every last itty bitty detail.

Got it?


sighing with relief,


“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. "
Matthew 11:28-29

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