Jan 23, 2012

Weekday Give Away 1/23-1/27....

Guess what?

We have another weekday give-away! Yay!

**confetti, lights, more confetti, more lights!!**

Here's what you have to do:

Tell us something about your life that makes you KNOW that God has a sense of humor.

It can be anything. Yep, anything.

We can take ourselves WAY too seriously, so let's have a little fun!

The winner will be drawn this Friday.

One of our fellow SHINE girls is donating the prize for this week's give away. How cool is that??

I will tell you the awesome prize on Friday when the winner is drawn.

So, come on girls...don't be shy!

(we played this at the SHINE party on Sunday, it was JaNice's idea, and we loved it!)

Have fun, girls!

Please put all comments under this post, thank you!


  1. ok, i will get it started.

    God has a sense of humor because he gave me the most strong-willed daughter in the world.

    my first child, joseph, was so easy and calm and laid back. i would secretly judge my friends who had crying babies or disobedient children. i thought they just didn't know how to "parent' right. they needed to be doing what i was doing.


    i thought i was the perfect momma since my joseph was so good.

    well, that all changed when Presley Jane was born. Oh Lord.

    she keeps me on my toes, and THEN some. she gets up at 5:30 every morning, yes every morning.

    she never leaves my side during the day. i have learned to cherish this about her.

    since having her, i have become so much stronger and more in the moment. i have no choice but to be with her.

    she makes me a better momma! she pushes me so hard..it makes me stretch myself further than i ever thought i could stretch.

    i love every ounce of her. God knew i needed her in my life. i cannot imagine how lazy i would be without her! ha!

    i am sure God is still laughing about that one. ;)

  2. I didn't even have to think about this one because I always say that God has a sense of humor because he gave me a husband that is my exact opposite. After breaking free from a painful marriage to an atheist who was abusive, I prayed that if I ever remarried I wanted a man who loved the Lord. A lifelong New Yorker, I moved down South and met my husband through work where I was placed by the temp agency. I was brought up in a very upper crust environment, my husband is blue collar. I speak without a Southern accent, my husband is the prototypical Southerner that I grew up watching in the Dukes of Hazzard. I eat bagels, he eats biscuits (now we both eat bagels and biscuits). He says he's fixin' to do something, I think fixing is for broken things. You get the point... I am the most blessed woman to have been given such a gift and have been happily married for almost 12 years. He loves the Lord and that's why our marriage works so well, God is #1 in our lives.

  3. The last quarter of my Junior Year of High School in my last period Chemistry class they called the roll and came to a student that was new that year, but I had never met before. When they called his name, I leaned over to the girl next to me and said, "I feel sorry for whoever marries that guy and gets "stuck" with that last name!"

    Well this June it will be 18 years since I became "that girl", Angela Longenecker! I know God was having a GREAT laugh at my expense and as usual knew better than I did!!!!! I couldn't have chosen a more loyal, loving and godly man! God knew what He was doing :)

    1. i can relate to not loving the hubs last name...I'm Jill Hill, remember? :-)

    2. At least you are not Jack & Jill Hill :)

    3. ha! now that would be some crazy stuff...:)

  4. I was just having this conversation with a friend the other day....it has happened to me many times since giving birth to Ryan Olivia almost 2 years ago.....I have quickly learned that when I say "I will never _______________" when it comes to parenting.....well lets just say God laughs a bit :)

    For example - many times I said "I will never cut the crust off the sandwich that is absurd" - recently I laughed aloud at myself as I cut the crust off the sandwich before placing it on the table in front of her.You see when the crust is left on the bread, she will not eat the entire sandwich, she only eats the middle as if the crust (or the bread close to the crust) is poison.

    Truth be told she is a very smart, strong willed, independent little girl.....has a lot of her mama in her ;) He never gives us more than we can handle...thank goodness!!

    Love to you guys!!


  5. hey, SHINE, some girls are having trouble posting comments on the blog. if you are, email me at lemandjill@gmail.com I will post your comment for you. :) i spent an hour last night showing my sweet momma how to comment on the blog. she's all hooked up now. ;)

    1. I have a couple who aren't getting the emails from you but they say they subscribed. Go figure...

  6. I have said this many times...that God has a sense of humor...I am the 3rd daughter of a man named Ted. I was the only daughter...there were 4...that looked like my daddy. People would say..."How are you related to those Moore girls?" I was sent military stuff just like all the other guys..my name is Teddi. Then, after a life of sisters and no brothers...hormones galore...my poor sweet Daddy. Then, I had three sons. My totally feminine world...of baby dolls...and prom dresses..and frills...became a world of guys...love inappropriate noises...and mooning...I mean them all and their Dad...and G.I. Joe's...tents all over this living room. Now, these 3 sons have given me 5 granddaughters!!! What a sense of humor...the same living room that had the G.I. Joe's now has a doll house...table and chairs...tea set...baby dolls and of course Barbie dolls...my guys have houses full of all the hormones..and they believe I hexed them when I said when they were young..."Just wait until I get my girls!!" LOL!!! What a whirlwind of change...and I love it!!! :)

  7. Well, I wasn't going to go "public" with this quite yet...but it fits so exactly! We found out last week that we are expecting our third baby. To us, that is definitely God's way of showing us His "sense of humor" because we thought FOR SURE we were done having kids. Long done! Oh well...thank you God for humor!!!

    1. I meant to tell you congratulations tonight. Someone told me a few days ago that you were expecting but you weren't announcing it yet. Glad this blog gave you that chance! Congratulations!!

    2. yay!!!! love that you announced it on the SHINE blog! LOVE!! praying for a safe and smooth pregnancy. <3 thrilled for you, friend!

  8. My Sloane is definitely God's sense of humor. She is a such a unique mess but absolutely lights up my life. Thank you, Lord!

  9. I am the mother of two AWESOME kids. My oldest, Cade, has severe disabilities. Before consenting to have a second child, my amazing husband agreed to go through genetic testing to try and figure out if we had other children if they would also suffer from diabilities. He was so against the idea of having a second child but he was going to go through the hoops for me. After months of going through testing, I had a feeling that I knew too well. The day before going to get our genetic results, I confirmed that I was expecting my second child. We were not trying to get pregnant. This was the furthest thing from our minds. I think God looks at all of us and laughs. We all think we are so in control of our lives and God will allow us to think that temporarily and then send us a reminder that HE IS IN TOTAL CONTROL. It didn't matter what the genetic tests showed, we were meant to be the parents of two wonderfully and perfectly made children. We went to that doctor's appointment the following day and said it didn't matter what the news was, we were having another baby. I think God just laughed . . . Our daughter, Stevie, is one of the neatest kids I know and to just see how God works in her life is inspiring to me. I couldn't imagine our family without her.
    Niki Wilson

    1. yes, both of your kids are AWESOME! i miss seeing them!<3

  10. I know God has a sense of humor because He sent me my husband. A type A, neat freak, horribly organized, attention to deatailed man that is COMPLETE opposite of me and my PERFECT mate! ;) Melanie Hall

  11. because i love y'all, and i can't be in the drawing...i will tell you something else that makes me KNOW that God has a sense of humor.

    seriously, i could write a book on God's sense of humor.

    growing up, i had the best last name in the world. it was "Allgood". yep, pretty awesome, huh?

    i loved my last name. people did not always remember my first name, but they always remembered my last name...Allgood.

    well, when i was 21, i met and fell in love with Lem Hill.

    when we married i gained a new name, Jill Hill.

    it took me a LONG time to embrace this name. those that know me, know JUST how long this took.

    however, i now love my name! it rhymes and nobody ever forgets it.

    God definitely has a sense of humor. ;)

  12. Anonymous1/25/2012

    I shared this on Sunday at the SHINE party...I know that God has a sense of humor because I have 4 unplanned whatsoever sweetest most beautiful children in the world! Thankfully they were spaced out decently. My husband and I joked after our fourth "surprise", that we wanted to experience what it's like to plan a pregnancy and "try" and get pregnant. Whew, our fourth lil angel is quite the handful so the only thing we are trying is to NOT get pregnant again! Wouldn't have it any other way, of course! My perfectionist, wanting things so-so life is out the window and I just fly by the seat of my pants!

    Laughing with Him :)

    Angela Crowe~

  13. Kimberlee Blazina1/26/2012

    Okay so I know that God has a sense of humor because... my husband is really soaking up God's word right now (Praising the Lord) and he went to LifeWay this week to pick up some books. While he did pick up some books he decided to pick up an audio collection of the book of James. I noticed when he opened it to put in his truck it was by Beth Moore. I didn't say anything but later that night he started saying "you know I picked up the book of James audio" ... I knew exactly where he was going with this. He said "I guess I didn't realize it was geared towards women but as soon as it started and it saying "girlfriends". He's still listening to it and says why not lol. It just cracked me up.

  14. I know God has a sense of humor because he gave me 3 sons and no daughters. I am perfectly content, but I had no idea that I would be.

    You see, my Aunt Teddi also has 3 sons (my 1st cousins.) Boy, I felt sorry for her! (No pink, no Barbies, no Disney Princesses, no dress up, no make up, no fun shopping trips, no boy talk, etc.)

    I was consumed by feeling sorry for her every single time I thought of her from my earliest memory. Now, in many way, I am her. And, being her isn't so bad at all. ;) My identical twin has THREE girls, and God definitely has a sense of humor because I know Mare felt sorry for Aunt Teddi, too!

    Rebekah Hudgins Vepraskas

    1. I'm belly laughing!!!! lol!!! :)!! <3 Also, I was my Daddy's boy...;)

  15. I think God has a sense of humor because my husband and I are complete opposites. Polar. Opposites. On everything!!

    He and I laugh about this too! Even after 13+ yrs of marriage, when we realized we DO have something in common, we stop dead in our tracks and say, "what??" It's too funny!

    But it works!!

  16. I know God has a sense of humor because I ended up with a husband and son who are exactly alike. My husband is one of the smartest men I know. He has a Master's degree in Math (NERD) :) and although my son came into the world way before he (or any of us were ready) at 26 weeks and 1 pound, 10 ounces even then he looked exactly like my husband. Now at almost 10 years old not only do they still look alike, but think and act alike as well!! I am in awe of the conversations I hear between them!!! The ONLY proof I have that my son is mine is the C section scar!! Its so amazing (and exhausting at times) but I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

  17. I know God sits and laughs at me everyday. At the age of 38 and my husband was 54. We had custody of both my 2 kids at the time 18 and 16 but custody of his kids 15 and 13. We were actually seperated with me and my kids living across the street. And I got pregnant. At first I thought I don't want to be a single mom again how could this happen? Well God gave us a beautiful healthy baby girl Samantha Grace. She brought our family back together. Now I know God laughs at me 41 with kids 21,19,19,16 and almost 3. While some of our friends have Grandkids I am chasing my little bundle of energy. He gave us a second chance with a great big!

  18. My mother left us 5 kids with my dad for another man when I was 14, sisters were 5 and 11, brother were 16 and 17. Obviously we were devastated, but I stepped up to the plate and became instant mini-Mom to my siblings. When I had children for the life of me I could not ever imagine leaving them cold turkey and NEVER hearing from or seeing them again like she did, o.k. now the fun part. I ALWAYS have longed to be a grandmother, I LOVE IT! Finally when my first grandson (Ryan) was born in 2008 I was over the moon excited. I was finally going to be a "Grammy", not granny, grandma, mimi, etc. Grammy, that is what I had picked out and loved it. Well........Ryan had other plans, he couldn't say Grammy (guess the R was hard for him), and he heard hubby always call me hey "baby", etc. Well, Ryan must have picked up on it (or God's sense of humor), he decided he would call me Bebe, so now I am Bebe, no where NEAR Grammy, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I love being called Bebe (Ryan's, and now Colton, baby brother way of saying baby, like my husband refers to me)......God, your so funny and I DEARLY LOVE YOU!!!

  19. I shared my humor story on Sunday too, but I guess it never hurts to share again! My humor is in God giving me twins :-) My husband and I had trouble getting pregnant, got pregnant and then miscarried. A year and a half later.....pregnant AND it was my twin boys! I so expected us to just get pregnant with one since it had been so hard. The funniest part about it all is that I had wanted 2 kids by the time I turned 25(that was my plan)......I turned 25 June of the year my boys were born(in November)! Guess I wasn't specific enough with God, but I wouldn't trade them for the world! God continues to laugh at his handy work with my Preston(the younger twin) he is full of life and just like me! At our 15 week ultrasound he was doing somersaults in my womb and he hasn't stopped with the energy level since! I am now also blessed to be a mom to a daughter- Kinley Rose who will be 1 next month. He laughs with giving me her too- I was so scared to have a daughter. But she (along with my boys) make me a better person daily! Thank you God for your humor! <3

  20. Heather1/26/2012

    I came to work in a church in a very small town Nashville Ga.
    Now I have never been to the south like this before. When they dropped me off where I would be staying the steps were full of cockroaches. When you stepped down they scattered and my step all of a sudden white. My accommodations were a funeral home! Holy cow! It only gets worse. When I was leaving I told God I never wanted to live in GA again! Here I am in Georgia and I know he is laughing

  21. God shows me his sense of humor often. However, when he blessed our family with Tyler...He really had a belly laugh. Tyler is our free spirit in an otherwise structured household. He brings so much life to our home. Kaleb is my sweet-hearted, giving child...between the two of them; we are doubly blessed!!!

  22. Anonymous1/27/2012

    God has shown me His humor in a very different way. Looking through this from my deceased father's eyes. My dad had 2 girls and my mother miscarried 1 baby. He would always say that the miscarried baby was his boy. He always wanted a boy. Because he wanted that male athlete. But got pink. Only pink. Lucky for my dad I had the first boy. My dad was So excited that he was going to be able to help my son become that athlete he always wanted! My son is wonderful but SO NOT an athlete! Ha ha but it turned out that my daughter (as did both my sister and I) was his athlete! Funny how God works!
    Angie Russell-Head

    1. Anonymous1/27/2012

      awww Angie! That just blessed my heart to read! I can picture your precious Daddy right now! Those BIG blue eyes he had! I love that story! Too funny! He wasn't missing out on having an athlete because you and your sister were quite the softball stars! So good to see you on here and I sure hope you are doing well.

      Much Love, Angela Crowe~

    2. angie! this is the sweetest thing ever! i LOVED your daddy too, so much. he was sol full of life and love!! thank you for sharing this!

      love you!


  23. Anonymous1/27/2012

    Hey Jill....when is the drawing??? It's 5:00...prize time!!! yay!

  24. working on it...;) yay!


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