Jan 4, 2012

Reading plan 1/2-1/6....

Good morning, girls! Happy New Year!
Are you ready to start this year off on the right track? I know I sure am!
I love the start of a new year. It offers a clean slate.
Anyone besides me need a clean slate?
Regardless of how 2011 was for you...God offers us new Hope every single day. He is a God of second chances, and third, and fourth, and fifth....and so on.
How cool is that?
I for one, need His grace. Every single day. I cannot even begin to count the many chances He has already given me. Whew.
This virtual bible study is new for me...and probably you too. However, just because we are not face to face doesn't mean it's not personal.
I want you all to know that I am praying for each of your sweet faces (even if I don't know your face). 
My heart is taking this very seriously, because I need this accountability.
Please feel free to share at any time....anything on your heart regarding the reading or if you just want to share something in your life. We are all here to encourage and stand shoulder to shoulder together as sisters in Christ.
If you are feeling weak, stressed, angry, bitter, sad....call on us for prayer. The enemy wants us to keep those feelings inside...because then they have power over us.
When we bring our deepest hurts into the Light of the Father, we are healed. Completely.
Many of you have asked about Bible apps for your phones. There are a lot of good ones. YouVersion is a popular one. You can select any format as far as New International. American Standard, King James, etc. This makes it easy to pull up scripture on your phone at any given time.
I also encourage you to find a quiet spot in the morning with your Bible already there...and coffee too! It will make it easier for you to just get up and go to your little spot without much thinking.
Go to Him before checking your email, turning on the news, etc....let Him be the FIRST thing you do. (I am really speaking to myself here!)
In the meantime, pray for each other. Pray for your fellow sisters. Strength and Joy come through prayer.
Also, if you know anyone else that may want to do this...please include them. We are not a closed group. Ever.
Let's do this, girls!
Let your little lights SHINE today and every day!
Oh, how HE loves YOU!
loving this clean slate,
Here is the reading plan again for this week of January 2
  • Monday-1 Samuel 1
  • Tuesday-1 Samuel 2
  • Wednesday-1 Samuel 3
  • Thursday-1 Samuel 4
  • Friday-1 Samuel 5

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