Jan 17, 2012

Tuesday SHINE...

Happy Tuesday, sweet SHINE friends!

Here is today's reading 1 Samuel 12


Just wanted to check in and say hello and let you know how proud I am of all of you! You are reading God's word daily and showing so much love and encouragement to your fellow SHINE girls. It makes my heart overflow!

YOU truly SHINE! Every single one of you.

Thank you for inspiring me in my own walk with the Lord. You make me want to be better, to draw closer to the Father, and to encourage others along the way.

I love how God uses someone else's story, someone else's testimony to speak to my heart.

He loves getting personal. How cool is that?

God is teaching me so much from these chapters in 1 Samuel. Whew, man.

I feel so much like those Israelites sometimes. Always chasing after worthless things that are not God's best for me. My heart has been convicted countless times while reading these passages.

The old testament was never my favorite--I always felt that it was hard to relate.

Until now.

I never thought that through these few chapters in 1 Samuel, God would reveal some things in my very own heart that needed some fine tuning and correction.

Again, He loves gettin' personal.

keep SHINEing girls,



  1. Astounding is the Word of the LORD in Samuel to us...a real Word for intercessors...that God can show those we pray for ... even the people of the Nation we are in...that they have sinned greatly as Israel did by by asking for a king to rule over them...a mere man...when their God was their King. Then, He can that if You follow..if You obey Your God at this point...and do not turn from Him...then, He won't forsake You because it has pleased Him to make you His people...and, there's more for we intercessors...Samuel says As for me, far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you, but I will teach you the good and right way! Woo Hoo!! God is so perfect ...He created us to worship Him...He forgives us as we learn how to do that...He sends the teacher...the one to stand in the gap...Glory to His Name! It's not His will that any perish...but that we all come to repentence. Woo Hoo!!! ;) <3

  2. Wow...V. 11 sounds kind of like our world today....when God swoops in to save us....we are grateful, praising His name.....as soon as that stressful situation is gone we have peace. In that peaceful time we often times (unintentionally) put God on the back burner....no prayer time, no time for church, no quiet time....life is good and we think "I've got this!" or we are too busy for even consciously thinking about God!

    THEN when the next storm approaches we start calling his name! We want the comfort of his closeness and his promises. Yet when their storm came and they were under attack..... they didn't want the King of Kings, they wanted an earthly man (a ghost god) to lead them. Were they lacking in faith, yet again? How many miracles had he shown them thus far?? Surely he grew tired of their lack of faith.

    I wonder if God looks down at me, shaking his head and asks...."GIRL how many times must you go through this to learn the lesson I am trying to teach you?" Stubbornness at it's finest, that's me!

    this reading screams....BE OBEDIENT.....PUT GOD FIRST in all you do....before anything go to God in prayer, use the Bible (God's word) to guide you, don't follow ghost gods (I can name several in my life....a god is anything I am devoting my time and attention to and placing before the one and only God).......he is saying IF you choose this path....if we choose (and we always have a choice) to live badly then we suffer consequences for that disobedience!

    BUT....if we honor God and his word....look to him in times of need and in times of blessings.......he will never leave us!
    Praise Jesus....No matter how many times I make the same mistake or a new one (which I will since no one is without sin).......our King is there, arms open wide....No matter how perfect I may think things are for a season...he is there STILL........unchanging, never wavering, with His unconditional love for me..........man am I thankful for that!

    My goal is to be as joyful in the Lord when the dark clouds move in and I am under attack as I am when it seems life cannot get any better! JOY from my King----lasting, God-given, peace and happiness! In order to receive such joy.......I must always look to God and serve him whole hardheartedly....in ALL seasons of life!

    "20-22 Samuel said to them, "Don't be fearful. It's true that you have done something very wrong. All the same, don't turn your back on God. Worship and serve him heart and soul! Don't chase after ghost-gods. There's nothing to them. They can't help you. They're nothing but ghost-gods! God, simply because of who he is, is not going to walk off and leave his people. God took delight in making you into his very own people."

    Our pastor mentioned we face two types of storms in life....Storms to prefect us....make us more like Jesus and Storms to correct us.....consequences for disobedience! Next time a storm rolls in......try to determine which one it could be!

    But, either way, keep your eyes on the one and only King!

    Love you all
    Kim Jaynes

    1. so true, Kim. God wants our attention and our closeness in the good and the bad times.

      it's only for our good that we stay close to Him.

      He only wants what is best for us. always.

  3. *that should say PERFECT us not prefect!

  4. In church, we talked about God's timing. How a lot of times, the timing seems to be the worst possible. Yet, we still have to trust in God's timing. You know Joshua, Moses' servant? Well, he was overwhelmed when God told him to continue what Moses had done. He was astounded. He could've said no, he could've refused. But...he didn't. He trusted in the Lord, and listened to Him, and Joshua accepted Him. I've been trying to do that, and I hope you all are too!

    Trust in the Lord, He will never fail you! I love you all!

    Love, Jaime

    1. Jaime, your words came straight from the Holy Spirit into my heart.

      I have often felt like Joshua..looking around and thinking..."can somebody else do this? this scares me!"

      you are right, we must trust Him. He knows what's best for us and what's to come.

      much love, sweet girl.


  5. Hey, Jill, I'm still curious as to why we began the reading of the Bible in 1 Samuel. Only curious...for surely not sorry! This is a wonderful beginning....;) <3

  6. hi! such a GREAT question..i am sure others have wondered the same thing. :)

    we are following my church's reading plan. we just happened to pick up on 1 samuel on january 1, when we started SHINE. :)

    our church's reading plan cycles through the bible and it takes about 3 years for a complete cycle, then they start over again.

    i love how God threw us right into the middle of the Old testament! He knew exactly what we needed, didn't He?

    thank you for asking that question...:)

    much love,


  7. It's amenzing how the Lord has put me around suck a great people He knows what I am passing thru and all this is helping me a lot with all the testimonies and 1 samuel I am hold on my faith on pur Lord he is making me stronger even is this painful time of my life ... God is good..
    Bless all you shine girls ...love conny

  8. sweet Conny..i have no clue who you are, but i sure love you already. :) the Father loves you even more!

    we are all so excited to walk with you on this journey...arm in arm, linked together.

    much love,


  9. Anonymous1/17/2012

    I'm right there with you girls! There is something that the Lord keeps telling me to just "Let go" of and fall into His arms. Even though I know He is capable of ALL things, something keeps holding me back. I think I just need to "jump" and know he'll catch me. I keep getting stuck on the jumping part. Somebody push me please! LOL! These readings have been excellent teachings on just being obedient and knowing He's got it all under control. Love, Sarah F.

  10. Angela Miller1/17/2012

    The passage that stood out to me today was 20"Do not be afraid," those simple word have stood on my heart now for over a week. One week ago my father was in the hospital, having a heart cath. The scariest part to me was the hospital didn't have the tools needed to do a heart operation if they found blockage. Well I knew from my fathers heart surgery in July from a heart attack and CHF he still had blockage and had a stent the dr was not pleased with.

    During the heart cath last July my fathers heart stopped few times so I was So afraid of my fathers procedure. I sent out MANY prayer request and even had one of the pastors come to pray over my father.

    My father is a christian and I know he will go to heaven when he does leave this earth, but my selfish being is not ready for that to happen. My prayers were not me begging the lord to spare my father, instead I prayed the lord would prepare my family for what the lord had in store.

    My father did have a heart cath and had to transported to another hospital for Angio and he is doing well. The night I got home after my fathers operation I fell apart. I felt guilty for being so scared.

    "Worship the lord with all your heart" I needed to continue to work on this area of my life..

    Angela Miller


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