Jan 26, 2012

Thursday, again....

Ok, girls. It's me again.

Yes, second post in one day, but who's counting?

Two things.

First, please make sure that you all post your prayer requests on the "prayer request" page. Prayer is POWERFUL.  I mean, I can't say it enough. Prayer changes things. Period.

On that thought, I was driving home from the kid's school today when I had a God light bulb. I love these!

He reminded me of a time when I was desperate for answers and desperate for a word from Him. During that particular season, I had prayed, and prayed, and prayed my little heart out.

I felt frustrated though. I knew God could hear me, but I was not hearing from Him.

Okay, well, He showed me something during this time.

This is what He showed me: " My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:12-13

What does this mean to me?

Well, I had been praying up a storm...for myself. Or, if not for myself, for things (or certain people) that would "benefit" me.


Don't get me wrong...there is NOTHING wrong with praying for ourselves! God wants us to do that! He wants to hear our cries.

However, the miracle for me came, when I started "laying down my own life" for others around me. Meaning--setting "me" to the side, and pouring my prayer life into "others".

Let me repeat...praying about something for yourself is a very GOOD thing! God loves when we come to Him and lay our heart out before His throne.

The cream comes, however, when our concern for others trumps our concerns for ourselves.

"Nobody should seek his own good, but the good of others." 1 Corinthians 10:24.

Girls, hear this. Don't miss this.

If you have a friend desperate to hear from the Lord, be a "Johnathon", and tell her this message.

If you are the one that is desperate to hear from Him, start pouring your prayers into someone else right this very second. Pray scripture and truth over them.

I think God reveals Himself to us when we do this, because it goes against the very grain of our flesh. Doesn't it?

Get on your knees, dear friend, for someone today. Say their name out loud to the Father every day. Wait and see what the Lord does.

 Get ready, friend.

Okay, secondly, go to the "weekday give-away" post and comment! The drawing for the weekday give-away is tomorrow afternoon. So, go and post before you forget! Who doesn't like a freebie?

back to the laundry,



  1. So, so, true!!! I feel very blessed whenever I have the opportunity to lift someone else's need up to the Father. I just had a call from a friend today who needed me to do her a favor but before she knew it, her big giant Goliath was spilling out of her mouth without even meaning to go there. She poured out her need and we carried it to the Father, together..."Can I pray for you?" That's how I present it and I've never been turned down yet. God hears us in those broken, no-answers moments and he re-enters our messy lives and helps us put the pieces back together. Pray for your friends and if you can, pray with them, too. There's power where two or three are gathered, God promises he's right there, too...back to the laundry over here, too. ;))

  2. Anonymous1/26/2012

    Thank you for this. Earlier I had an agrument with God...yes you read that right. I am questioning whether or not He is even hearing my prayers - plea. It seems like instead of my relationship issues getting better they are just getting worse. This can not be what God had in mind for a marriage. I told him what I thought - poured it all out, loud, clear & full of tears. In my head all I could hear was "Be still. Wait!" Can you believe this? lol
    I thought of Hannah when she bargained with God for a son. It's funny now but I told God I would bargain with him but I'm so broken emotionally that I have nothing left to bargain with. Through all the tears I had to laugh cause again all I heard was "Be still & Wait"
    To make things even better, I get on here and read Lisa's story and then yours...I know God heard my frustration and disperation in our "little chat" earlier today. He's been hearing me all along.
    I know God never gives us more than we can handle but man I don't know how much more I can handle. :(

    1. ok, i have to tell you this. i got your message on my phone when i was in the carpool line. i had this visual of the importance of being still.

      have you ever tried to pour water into a cup that's moving? doesn't quite work does it?

      when we surrender to Him, in our stillness, He pours His blessings, peace, and love into us. we have to be still to receive them.

      "be still and know that I am God." psalm 46:10

      i only tell you this, because i struggle with being still too. it's just not in my nature.

      praying for you. pour those prayers out, girl...and be still in the process.

      much love,


  3. It absolutely can feel like more than we can handle. If you are overwhelmed with more than you can handle, it's ok. Job was tested way more than he could "handle." He isn't "giving us" these trials as much as he is "with us" through these trials.

    I pray you feel Christ so closely and I am so grateful that you HEARD Him! What a wonderful gift. Rest in His words to "Be Still. Wait!" Lean into Him. I pray you feel Him, right there, holding you and waiting with you. <3 Jesus weeps with us just before He sends His breakthrough.

    JOHN 11:17-27

  4. Job 42:10 says 'After Job had prayed for his friends, the LORD made him prosperous again and gave him TWICE as much as he had before.' What a KEY to unlock a breakthrough! And Rebekah, it just lifted my heart up more than you know to hear what you said that 'Jesus weeps withus just before a He sends His breakthrough'. I had once heard it says that He knows EVERY tear we shed and He's right there with us. Glory!

    1. YES!! i have never seen that verse! wow! God is telling us something, girls! wow, wow, wow!

  5. Thank youy jill i am overwhelme with all this you can't imagine how much its helpping me ...wow, God is talking me thru you all...i am pasing thru the hardest time of my life and i feel that i will make it thru i know i will and the God works everything for our good and His glory , i will keep praying and keep my faith on my Lord...one again THANK YOU JILL AND ALL SHINE GIRLS..
    much love Conny

  6. Awesome second post, Jilly. Obedience always works and thank you for being obedient to share. I love you!!


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