Jan 22, 2012

Reading plan 1/23-1/27....

Happy Sunday, SHINE girls!

 First I will give you the reading plan for the week:

  • Monday 1/23: 1 Samuel 16
  • Tuesday 1/24: 1 Samuel 17
  • Wednesday 1/25: 1 Samuel 18
  • Thursday 1/26: 1 Samuel 19
  • Friday 1/27: 1 Samuel 20

Secondly, we had our very first SHINE girl party! Despite the yucky weather, we had a wonderful time!

 Is there anything better than girl time? I mean, seriously.

I could sit on the floor with my shoes off, legs crossed, sipping a hot cup of coffee, and talk to my girlfriends for hours on end. There's just something about our girlfriends.....agree?

Then you add coffee and Jesus, and well....enough said.

Since, as you know, I love visuals...here are a few pics from the SHINE party. I have a hard time multi-tasking, so I completely forgot to take more pictures. Happens every.single.time.

I have such high hopes of wonderful pictures, and well, it just never happens. In fact, some of the SHINE girls that attended I didn't even get a picture of. Bummer.

So, here's what I did get...enjoy!

Amberlee and Presley--truly SHINE!

despite the nasty weather, we had some SHINE girls come to our first  (but not last) party!
from left--Terri, Sarah, Angela, Erin, Ladona , Angie, Me
Front middle--Krischa
Aren't they beautiful?

some of the yummy food!

my personal favorite SHINE girl--my daughter, Presley,  showing us some SHINE power

love these girls!
Sarah, Terri, Camille, JaNice (the wonderful hostess), and Ladona (my Momma)

always a sucker for black and white pictures. :)

Big thank you to sweet JaNice for opening up her gorgeous home for our little SHINE party! We love you and are so grateful to you!!


  1. Thank you JANice, loved coming to your beautiful home today to connect with this wonderful group of shine girls. Loved meeting many of you I only knew as Jill's friends, so enjoyed our time of laughter and tears. Most importantly I was blessed by each of you today, and looking forward to our next shine party. Missed all of you that could not make it, see you next time. Have a great week, and I am praying for all of you.

  2. yes! i know so many of you wanted to come, but were not able to. we missed you, but we will definitely have another party in the near future. :)

    cannot wait to meet every single one of you!<3

  3. Great pictures...all of beautiful women (inside and out).

  4. I SO loved seeing each of your SHINE faces and hearing your hearts! WOW. This IS the best thing. YES! Thank You also JaNICE for opening your home to us and for your graciousness. My heart was so full when I left you all and it's still overflowing. You can FEEL the love! See yall next time!


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