Jan 4, 2012

Prayers for Week One...

Okay, this is our prayer spot for this week, ladies.

Post any and all prayer requests under "comments". If you are not signed in to comment..you can post as anonymous--just make sure to put your name so that we will know who we are praying for. :)

I just want a place where we can all SEE the requests daily. I am worried about emails getting lost in the shuffle.

Try and check blog regularly for added requests and praises.

I will try and post a "spot" at the beginning of each week for prayer. :)

Go ahead and bookmark this page while you are here!

love and more love,



  1. per jenny benson--monica athon having brain surgery next week. pray for no cancer and speedy recovery.

  2. Anonymous1/05/2012

    What a fabulous idea. You are so amazing!

    Nicole *

  3. Anonymous1/05/2012

    Pray for my Father's health to improve -Sara -Father Ken

  4. Yes, Sara--we certainly will, my friend.

    Also, please keep lifting up Ashley's friend, MaryKate and her baby that was born at 23 weeks, Izzy.

  5. A family at Peachtree lost a daughter over Christmas break. Laurie and Tom Page had twin girls, Amelia and Bella (younger Simon is in Meredith's class). Bella was born with many medical problems and passed away on December 20. I think she was 9. Please keep them all in your prayers!


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